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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Sports > Looking to form a Squash Training Group (6-9 years) in Brampton
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Looking to form a Squash Training Group (6-9 years) in Brampton

I am looking to form a group of kids (say, 6-9 years) who would like to take lessons from a NCCP Level 3 Certified and Professional Squash Coach.

It will be held in Brampton, ON every week for say 10 weekly sessions of 1 hour.
The cost will be around 15$ each session (plus court fee of 6$ approx) and a small class size of 4.

We may be able decrease the cost per session but that will increase the class size (also, depends if squash coach agrees). Or, if we decrease the session from 60 min to 40 min. pricing things need to be fine-tuned based on the number of heads.

I am just a parent here who is trying to get our kids into the game by pulling our resources together :) Over the last 3+ years - my elder son (14 years) plays in the numerous Brampton Adult Leagues/Tournaments and enjoys a lot - very good activity/sport for the kids.

PM me ONLY if you are interested and SERIOUS.
Best Regards,

Yeh Hindustan Hamara Hai

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Yeh Hindustan Hamara Hai..: Yes I like that. Currently I have left it out as I find what I have to take care is here in Canada. I was not any different from others like you and also help others who drop in here with a few small questions with good answers and directions to follow. It is for people who drop in here and I find that they are mostly from Hindustan. It surely helps.

I like your encouraging the children and the Parents by asking them to join a few worthwhile causes and part take in them. Also, currently the Income tax system helps us all with all of the deductions and allowances when we pay and participate into sports and other activities and also Music too. So, your dropping in here with this Squash, or Badminton start ups is really note-worthy. You should have started the posting with this point in mind rather than the costs associated with the training. So, Please modify if at all you can and do get back to us here. The Parents can surely approach you here asking for the costs later. Also post the same in the Classified if you feel it is the right place.

Good Luck.


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