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What to build first? Mobile App or Website?

Hello everyone!

I am embarking on a new Matchmaking / dating online business that would help my users in India . They can find a match online using traditional factors like Religion/caste/age etc. In addition to this, they can find a match using a unique persona match by answering a set of questions.

We were looking to outsource this project to a team in India. We want to build a responsive site that users can access on desktops to mobile devices. One of the developers I spoke to now believes that the mobile Android and Iphone should be built first. He cited a couple of reasons for this: According to him:

1, Apps are more popular than accessing the responsive site on a mobile device.
2, The target audience (21-35 in major metros of India ) was more into using phones than accessing sites on a desktop or laptop.
3. By not building the mobile apps first, we would be missing out on a huge chunk of the market that uses mobile phones. Besides this, it would not project the business as a tech friendly application.

I would be thankful if you could let me have your views. Also from the mobile app perspective, would it make more business sense to build the Android and Iphone app at the same time, followed by the desktop/laptop site?

What might be the pros and cons of such a scenario?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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Garvo GujaratiMember of Administrators
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The sequence you mentioned seems to be right, in my opinion. With more and more people using apps now a days it makes sense to have an app. However the website is equally important. Make sure you can use the same back-end for both otherwise you will have hard time syncing up the data.

For CanadianDesi we don't have an mobile app, however have a mobile version of the site and as of now we are getting 20 percent of the traffic from the mobile devices. Our mobile version is not that professional and I would like to have it much better.

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Senior Desi
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To use the same back end, would it mean I use the same dev team for both the mobile and desktop app?
Alternately, what do I need to do, to ensure that there are no syncing issues?

Post ID: 229911 20-01-16 19:09:40
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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If you are talking about building native iphone app for use in India, you should look at the market share of Apple vs Android in India to help you prioritize.

To show a responsive site to a mobile user, you do not have to persuade user to download/install anything whereas in the app first approach you will have to persuade user to install the app.

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Back end = database, not the developer team. :)

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