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Seeking views of Economic experts on the interview

Please click on the link, and listen to the interview, please share your views,


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Post ID: 225639 10-08-15 12:36:04
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Senior Desi
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I didn't watch the video. However, the first item to note - the guy is marketing and selling a subscription (a nice constant source of money). Therefore, I would question the incredible bias and self-interest in his prediction and any other theories he might have, even it were to come true.

Post ID: 225643 10-08-15 12:57:36
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It is a doom and gloom scenario that Dr.Ron Paul is explaining based upon his experiences. We have come a long way from it and I see strong economic recovery in the U.S. It will slowly spread around the globe but in trickles. So, it will be difficult to gauge the effect of this other than by the trading partners.

But, as stated by him, the Greeks are experiencing the same currently and have gone through a similar event five years ago. So, it is well worth noting that if and when such a scenario ever occurs, how they lock down all of the Financial Institutions and make the middle class suffer. Is it ever going to hit us. I don`t think so. Is there a possibility, not in the near future. Will it ever happen. No. Not with all of the brains that are playing their hand at controlling such an event ever happening anywhere.

So, I will take it with a pinch of salt. Do I want to buy or subscribe to their publications. Not now. But I will listen to their spiel from time to time.

Thanks for the web link and to their views. It opens up another view to people who live in Canada.


Post ID: 225645 10-08-15 13:04:26
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