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six sigma black belt

Senior Desi
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Originally posted by canadasoon

Could you please throw some more light on Indiana primer. How can i access that?

The primer is sold by the quality council of Indiana -

I am not sure if they sell digital downloads. Check out the website.


Post ID: 225651 10-08-15 14:00:27
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Full House
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Here is the Book in its PDF form, to provide you with their Metrics and explanations. Hope this helps.

Here is a Success Story. :

I just took my ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam and PASSED! On the FIRST TRY!! (My reaction upon hearing the news was I am a statistics NINJA!!! A very academic friend corrected me, and said no not quite the CSSBB is more like a learners permit for a PhD in statistics. OK, thats cool too.)

My intent in this post is to share with you what I believe helped me get through this very daunting 150-question, 4-hour, heavy-on-the-math multiple choice exam. (Relevant superstitions and helpful snacks are described elsewhere.) This was a particular achievement for me, because although I had been doing small scale Six Sigma projects for several years, I originally intended to take the exam in the fall of 2008 and just didnt get around to it. I had, at that time, recently completed a couple of doctoral level statistics courses and so I felt super powerfully capable at the time. But what inevitably happens is that as the days go by, and you dont use the knowledge for practical problem solving, you get rusty and you forget.

Fast forward three years, to the fall of 2011.

When I took the plunge and signed up for one of the most recent offerings of the exam, I knew I had a lot of ground to re-cover before sitting to take the test. I knew Id have to order some books or flashcards and spend a lot of quality time with them. I knew Id have to refresh my memory on the nooks and crannies of all those statistical tests, especially the ones that are most frequently used in manufacturing situations. So my first step was to search Google to see if anyone had posted their personal experiences studying for and hopefully succeeding with the ASQ CSSBB exam.

I wanted to know: What resources helped? What resources didnt help? What books were the most useful references to you as you were studying? Are the flashcards useful? I searched and searched all over the web, but couldnt find any useful advice. I used search terms like cssbb advice, how I passed my Six Sigma Black Belt exam, best resources for the Six Sigma Black Belt exam and best study guides for the Six Sigma Black Belt exam. No luck. Everything led me back to companies trying to sell their training sessions. I didnt want a training session I wanted practical, free advice from someone who had been in my shoes not too much earlier than me.

So here it is! Feel free to post some comments if any of this advice is helpful, or if you want to add information about what you found useful when you were studying. (Remember, personal experiences with CSSBB prep are hard to find on the web, so anything you contribute is bound to be helpful to people who are actively preparing to be certified.)

Expert Trainers and Coaches. :


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Let me say the obvious, though your husband is wearing various belts on his forehead , impressive soft skills (without the hard accent) will set your husband free in Toronto market. Good comm skills are major savior else 'no Canadian experience' will come in its way as an excuse of rejection. Without saying , 'they' actually will mean - only if you can speak , walk and joke like us.

Post ID: 225660 10-08-15 18:54:55
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