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India to surpass China by 2022

Largest democracy and population both. Govt needs to take a serious look at the report by UN if the estimation is true.


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Forced Male Vasectomy (Purush Nasbandi)

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Originally posted by MKBLR

Govt needs to take a serious look

Govt and Serious look is the best form of oxymoron, especially when it comes to India. Ain't gonna happen.

Didn't you hear India's population is a biggest asset - only to the Multinational companies, and American economy to sell their products to. Capitalism at its best-est form.

Vote bank Politics is too strong a motivator to not touch the serious concerns the county is facing. Bullet Train and Sardar Patel's statue will still go ahead at all costs.

Lack of Political choices, corruption of a highest order, 5 Pillars defection, and Nepotism is eating the country like a plague.

Having said that, still not a bad place to live if compare it with the other neighboring countries.

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