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FTII, Pune on Strike

Students of Film and Television Institute of india are on strike over the appointment of Mr. Gajendra Chauhan as Head of their Governing Council by the more than one year old BJP government.

All these years these type of intellectual bodies were in the control of Left liberals. The new appointee, to qualify, must have had an unshaven face with Left intellectual reading glasses. And a jolna bag hanging over his shoulder kurta would have made him complete.

But Mr. Gajendra Chauhan did not have any of this qualification and with a clean shaven face appear like a CEO appointed to take over an MNC. The immediate provocation for his Disqualification and non-selection by the student body was that GC had acted the role of Yudhishtra in the Mahabharath serial telecast decades ago.

GCs pleading with the agitators that he has 34 years experience in theatre and more than 20 years leading Artistes Union, that he was aware of the various problems faced by Film and TV Artistes and that he be given a fair trial for at least one year, has found no takers, with those Left Intellectuals and pseudo seculars guarding the gates of FTII, Pune.

The Left liberals and pseudo seculars have so much infiltrated the newspaper and TV media, that one English Channel TV reporter with a face resembling a tea pot wearing glasses had the temerity to ask GC Honestly, Say Sir, do you have the qualification to be the Head of the Governing Council?. If she had honestly asked herself the same question, she would never have stepped in front of TV camera.

Did in all these years of the Left and pseudo seculars, did anybody ask any of the appointee such a question. Do all these pseudo seculars want the BJP government with 288 MPs to consult Brinda Karath or Yechury or Dig Vijay Singh or Salman Khurshid for this appointment. Or will the mentioned party leaders will return the compliment when if and when they come to power.

The BJP government must not take this non-sense anymore. They must shut the FTII once for all and ask all the students to go home.

Heavens will not fall, India will not lose any Neutrino Experiment results in Geneva or Abdul Kalam missile technology, if this politics ridden institute is shut down.



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Post ID: 223997 03-07-15 08:38:43
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Are you there?

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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

Posts: 1233
Location: India.

For those who have woken from slumber.

the FTII students strike is not over yet. Symptom of a bigger disease plaguing the country,for the last 60+ years, in the form of majority of the people not able to decide what is good for the nation, assert its culture, history or ID. From filling up a non-descript FTII post, to having diplomatic relationship with Israel. It is audacious for the Left liberals to think that they can do back seat driving of FTII.

Today it was Amol Palekar's turn to speak against GC. GC has hardly occupied his Chair, does he have any corruption case or scam against him. If anyone accuses the appointment as saffronisation, they must first declare their own religion and not hide behind Hindu names, while practicing some minority religion in reality.

Need not necessarily a Dadha Saheb Palke Award winner only can do to the Institute. Does not a Dave Whatmore do wonders as coach to Sri Lanka winning World Cup, while a great Ian Botham or Sachin failures as captains?


Post ID: 224346 11-07-15 11:23:01
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