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Sushma, Swaraj unto herself

Senior Desi
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I am happy that first card in Domino is going to fall. Next will be Portugal, then Spain and then Italy, France and UK. All these Colonial powers who killed millions in their colonies are going to fall.

Lol ! May be in your dreams or after your/our/my lifetime. Lol !


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 223795 30-06-15 06:09:53
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Senior Desi
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Why people keep referring to events from Europe in context of Indian politics is beyond me. May be limitation of their judgement and imagination or may be they are stuck in history.
Indian politics is a unique and a changed scenario in current times. Its not same as it was 5 years back. Victory for BJP is a pill, sweet from outside but bitter from core. The sweet layer is sucked down, time for bitter part.

and for you NM, I give it to a memory loss in your case. But to remind you it was established last time and you agreed that AAP is not communist party. Seems like you bookmarked on some old page and repeating again same old rant. 67-3 was mandate by people which best of the expert could not gauge in advance. No body is expert here but let us respect what People think and want. Punjab and Bihar election will make it more clear. I personally do not want AAP to go beyond Delhi for next 5 years but I am nobody in larger scheme of things. After all BJP has started drilling holes in its own boat.

Post ID: 223819 30-06-15 12:36:42
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