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How to make money having your own car !

Senior Desi
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Get in touch with Indian Restaurants also - They always need some delivery people esp on weekends .

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Full House
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Originally posted by Hasni

Dear FH, TK and other senior friends,

I have my own car and want to make money though it. I have heard a lot about Uber these days. can i join them with a car that i have bought for a pleasure drive and not for commercial use. Besides what are other ways that can help me make some money through my car. Thanks


UBER: Is similar to a taxi service and I will give you a little bit of information and also compare it with a regular TAXI service.

Most of the Municipalities provide permits for a TAXI service and they limit the number in a town to only a few, to provide a livelihood to a few who want to stay and live in that town. For this they will provide a PERMIT to run that service and it costs money. Also, they will have a wait list of other desirable car owners who want to get into such a business. All in all the municipalities will control this
operation and a few have got political favours from these Taxi services and vice versa.

Some with a permit will sell their permits for $50,00 to $100,000 for each vehicle and retire after that. So, it is a business that will let them settle comfortably when they are ready to pack up and quit.

So, there will always be a protest from those with taxis and the PLATE owners. That is for another day.

When the gas prices go up and the Taxi companies started to charge as much as they can plus stick their hands out for a bakshish, people who are paying find it too much. Also, the price of GAS being double that of what it is here in the North American Continent, in Europe, everyone wants to minimize their Auto Expenses with using a UBER like service and get a few bucks for a ride if they are DRIVING in a direction the passenger wants a ride to hitchhike.

With the neighboring country close and nearby and with all of the checks and counter-checks and Passports and other IDS in place, it became very easy to start a Hitch Hike service in Europe. Plus now you have a passenger to provide you with conversation all through the ride. The rates were fixed and a few off the route charges were also agreed upon and the system got started there. It is running smoothly there in Europe for the past 30 years or longer. Then it became a Hitchhiker system. Now they have a central location from which they all can hike
and there are central points which are called Liftershalte came into being.

Then UBER took a tip from all of these and they called themselves the TOP notch
service. All of these are off-shoots of the Hitch-hiking system.

Flexible carpooling
Illegal taxicab operation
Peer-to-peer carsharing
Sharing economy
Sustainable transport
These are the other names that we all have heard here in Canada. But the other services have put their foot down and are opposing to it. Some provinces and also a few countries have made it criminal. That is the difference now that makes it difficult to rule upon it. Also many an insurer do not want to touch the Carpool and UBER at all.

So, you have my take on this. You will have to make a valid decision by yourself prior to taking this as a steady job.

IS it worth a living wage.?

Who is making the money? You or UBER??
It is banned in a few countries. And we are not far off from it.

Post ID: 221502 04-05-15 17:54:51
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Senior Desi
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Originally posted by Hasni

Dear FH, TK and other senior friends,

I have my own car and want to make money though it. I have heard a lot about Uber these days. can i join them with a car that i have bought for a pleasure drive and not for commercial use. Besides what are other ways that can help me make some money through my car. Thanks

Pick up new comers from Airport & drop to their location

Several years back when I landed in Toronto I stayed few days in a Chinese guest house " Sunny new comer service-Scarborough (cheap rooms for new comers)

when I enquired about picking me from airport they gave me PH# of few people who do this private service as Cab charges were very high.

talk to this and few other similar businesses who can give you leads of new comers as they book rooms in advance and these guest house owners know their arrival date/time/Flight# etc.
you may need to share some of your initial profit with guesthouse owner.
these new comers will also need your help after arrival as they like to travel to Niagra falls etc.

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Senior Desi
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for car : delivery in different places is good option - not much scope though

Why don't you consider selling car and getting minivan or bigger Van ? - you can start moving people, get , delivery restaurant or any other commercial supply -

also you can join courier companies as independent contractor (ups, fedex, independent courrier company )- good money

Having a big Van you will increase your chances of getting more jobs , lot of companies need independent drivers in GTA

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

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Senior Desi
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you are right northyork. thanks to this forum and seniors like FH, TK,SS and many others who really have been of great help and source of guidance for me so far. Honestly, i owe them a lot. yes i am working in parallel for both my professional as well as survival jobs. Thanks anyways

Post ID: 221513 04-05-15 22:39:52
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Senior Desi
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Hasni :
There are two ways to go about this :
Way -1
Forget your insurance. Call your insurance guy and ask him to change your license into parking license as you will not be driving for some time. So this way you can save $ 300 or so every month, till you get a job.
Trust me, odd jobs like driving people, trips to airport, dropping and picking up kids from schools will not add much but will spoil your whole day. Unless you get Pizza delivery on weekend, I would use this option. Take the TTC or walk when you need to.

Way -2
Retain your insurance.
Spend weekends with your family by driving out of town / within town.
See if you can get a pizza delivery job .
Monday to Friday, your car will be parked most of the time. you will be researching the internet, applying for jobs and attending work shop / interviews. Preferable in interviews, take your car as some will see if you have a car (they will rightly think that if you have a car, then your work will be good and that you will arrive on time).


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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