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job opportunities for foreign Architects

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Originally posted by mkpr

hi guys, this is my first post. i would appreciate helpful suggestions :)

I completed B.arch from India last year and im planning for a post graduate course in Canada related to my field. i have 1 year of experience, i know its not much so before i opt for the course i would like to know :

1. Can i work under an Architect for job experience? ( im not looking forward to settle in Canada at the moment, i just need job experience).

2. what are the chances that i might get a job?

3. is Architecture in demand in canada??

Here is my take:

1. As others stated, foreign trained Architects are NOT in demand here in Canada. Unless, you are quite an enterprising and entrepreneur (with street smartness and salesmanship). Don't go as per Canadian Govt.'s points list for immigration purposes. Industry works differently here and not in tandem with the Govt at all.

2. Having said above, do come to Canada for your Post Graduate degree/diploma. With the studies, you have a better chances to land up an Architectural job. Merely immigrating to Canada on a skill level won't do. With educational program, you put an extra effort and have a higher degree of networking with Peers, Professors, and an industry co-ops. In the meantime, you can always do a double take on achieving a local licensing. Double the hard work.

3. I do think however, having an excellent soft skills, communication, and presentation skills coupled with a Canadian Post Graduate program, with a higher than average know-how in your field somehow work in your favor. It's possible, but hard.

4. Last, but not the least. After your Post Graduation and if you don't achieve success here, get ready to head home to India. You will be advantageous with a foreign education in hand.

In a nutshell, do come here for studies, but not for immigration if you are an Architect. I have rarely seen a Des educated/trained Architect here in Canada. The ones that have been actually changed their fields.

While you're at it - PLEASE, DO NOT GET MARRIED until you achieve success. I can't stress on this enough.

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Just spoke to the person
I just spoke to the OP over phone.
Person is interested to come to Canada only to a course. Person is not interested in immigration.
I am going to talk to the person in detail tomorrow.


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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