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Quality Engineer position open in Windsor, ON

Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 05

Posts: 2244
Location: Woodbridge

Dimle2001 :

I feel sorry for the way this thread turned out - but it is in your interest and for the sake of your own sanity to not read/reply/heed to posts from posters who do not know the difference between job posting from job site robots and a respectable senior on this forum. While these posters cannot distinguish such nuances and brag all about their qualifications, it is totally understandable the mental state they are in currently.

I hope you continue contributing as always.


Post ID: 218839 27-02-15 17:37:37
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

I fully second Hiren's comments above .

Please do not be dissuaded by others posts ...

Nobody has any business telling others that the posts are inappropriate as long as they do not violate any of the forum rules .... ( for eg include profanity , solicit business ,is a spam or gets overly personal)

CD s do deserve your job posting as much as a single CD may air his / her opinion and not that of everyone...

Sorry I came in late .


Post ID: 218843 27-02-15 17:54:21
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 09

Posts: 290

Please continue to post job postings that come your way. I am sure it will be useful to someone. CD's are smart enough to differentiate between a sincere post and troll post. Its a pity that someone like TK is suggesting Dimple2001 not to post something - as he feels its of no use to this site and CD's. I guess he has no life.

Post ID: 218847 27-02-15 18:11:23
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 2873
Location: Western Hemisphere

Thanks hchheda, Fido and northyork_desi.

Agree with what you are saying. I will continue to chime in, as appropriate. That's not going to stop. Enjoy your weekend.


Post ID: 218851 27-02-15 19:03:40
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 11

Posts: 1041

I will be more CIVIL from now & only HELP CD's :)

No more Food Bank jokes , Safety Shoe jokes , General labour jokes from me :)..NO MORE TROLLING ..Je Suis NO TROLL !

I can't say the same thing about TK though :)

Post ID: 218858 27-02-15 20:06:05
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