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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Arts and Culture > Francois Gautier a true French Indian Hindu Patriot!
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Francois Gautier a true French Indian Hindu Patriot!

Every one from Bharath should follow on facebook qnd Twitter mr.Francois Gautier who converted to Hinduism and a true defender of Hinduism.

He has set up a Hindu history museum in Pune India!.

Please read his facebook, Twitter and blogs to know the truth of your own way of life from a white man as most of will believe a white mans Discovery of India as the official history of Hindustan ( wink- wink Pandit Chacha Nehru).

He is my Je Suis Charlie !

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

Last edited by: Vandematram on 10-01-15 23:24:56

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Senior Desi
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Congrats on finding a true Hindu. May you be blessed.

Post ID: 217151 12-01-15 20:20:49
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