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Elections in J&K, Jharkand & Delhi

J&K: coalition government with BJP ruling.

Jharkand: BJP will rule by itself.

Delhi: BJP will rule alone.

The find of the century is Shriman. Amit Shah !.

What a strategist !.

Hope he will follow suite in Tamil Nadu, Kerala , Telengana.

Future strategy awaited in WestBengal, UP & Bihar.

With this 9 states Congress route will be complete !.

Let Raj Thackeray of MNS have a shot at being the PM of India but not the CONGRESS I ever again.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.


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Post ID: 216859 23-12-14 00:53:46
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Senior Desi
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Location: India.

At last India is becoming one with BJP rule, and thanks to Jodi No.1 (Modi & Shah).

Ultimately Nehru's policy of dividing states on the basis of language must be dismantled and the division of the country as economic zones must be carried out. For example, between TN and Kerala, TN has all the land and Kerala has all the water but little land and development. Tanjore, once considered rice bowl of S. India is starving for water. Similarly Kerala does not have coal, thermal power and industries. If both TN and Kerala can be integrated it will benefit both states. Instead of the backward UP with 52 seats calling the shots, already better educated and developed southern India with 60 seats will be deciding the leadership. Good for the development of the nation.


Post ID: 216904 24-12-14 21:11:01
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