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My experience moving back to India

Full House
Senior Desi
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You are 100% correct and my rightful place should be close to a Financial Center that enables me to get to know a lot of the Knowledgeable people and the Industrialists close by. And with the advent of the High Speed Rail between Mumbai and Ahmadabad I am sure the distances will shrink all the more, as time progresses.

You can't escape seeing me or hide after that. Then, there are many more reasons. Only you will get to know them as to why and all of the reasons.

Is the world shrinking?

I don't want to hijack this thread. I still want it to be the OP's own and all I wanted was a little bit of Information about all of the latest developments and the Infrastructures that are made available to a Resident close by. I have to still do my spade work. And I know I will succeed anywhere, where there is brain power to get by.

AND, I know I can always depend upon you. Thanks for getting me to tow the line.



Post ID: 236823 07-03-18 12:17:18
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Senior Desi
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Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute Madhurai
There is a hospital which is like a 5 star Hotel and that is Velammal Hospital at Madhurai.

This message was published by a Lawyer who took his co-employee for a treatment and he was awestruck and has shared his experience with others. He says the moment he entered the hospital, a Nurse accompanies right from admission till meeting a specialist and getting admitted.
Each department in the hospital has 4 doctors. The lawyers says that he understood the meaning of First Class treatment only in this hospital.
The points which made him really talk so much about this hospital are:

1) No doctor fees;
2) No Admission Fees;
3) Right from the time of admission till the patient leaves the hospital, food is free and the food is of real good quality;
4) X-Ray charges is Rs. 50; Digital ECG is for Rs. 65; Video Endoscopy Rs. 2,000;
5) No charges for operation.
6) The only expenses is to buy medicine that too with a 8% discount 

Very very clean and neat hospital. Excellent care for the patients.

The Lawyers co-employee had to stay in the hospital for 4 days and undergo for a surgery. Apollo was charging 1.5 lakhs, Ramachandra Mission hospital was charging 84,000; another small hospital was charging Rs. 45,000. At Velammal the amount spent was Rs. 13,500.00 including scan, ECG, tests and medicines.

Please spread this news and lot of people can get benefited fi the news reaches many people.

Velammal Medical College & Research Institute, Velammal Village, Anuppanadi, Near Chinthamani Toll Gate, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625 009. Ph.: 0452 711 3333.

Post ID: 236836 10-03-18 00:15:31
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Junior Desi
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Location: scarborough

Bravo Crish,

I recently visited India and to my amazement it was a great experience. Crowding and Traffic were the two disturbing factors but with such a large population this is expected. If you avoid the high end stores and restaurants its highly affordable on a low budget. Its clean, traverse across the country by train at a low price and reliable service.

Overall it is an option worth considering. Direct Tax in Canada is almost 53% coupled with GST of 13% , savings are negligible with the standard of living being high, one has to shell out almost 50K PA just about to live in this country (Rent+ Insurance+ Food+ Car+ gas+maintenance+ TV + Phone + Cell+ eat out+ groceries+ clothes) depending on the province you live in. Lastly doctors are free but long wait times, medication and dispensing charges are huge.

Overall if one has the option open and available, India is definitely a great country to live in, it has available, everything from around the world and more.


Post ID: 238635 22-04-19 14:55:47
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