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Pakistan Ceasefire Violations

The Foreign Secretary level talks were supposed to be held on Aug 26th at Islamabad and the Pak High Commissioner in Delhi pompously called traitors alias separatists from Kashmir for "tea party" in Delhi.

Little did he realise that under Modi things were going to be done differently. The Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh promptly called the HC and told him that they have to choose between the traitors and the Indian Government for talks. It now became difficult for the HC to climb down who went on with his public posturing of inviting and entertaining the traitors. Modi's government has now called off the talks.

The reason for the Pak HC for carrying talks with the separatists was simply that they were doing it "all these years since 2003".

The Briyani diplomacy of people like Iyer and Salman Kurshid has emboldened the terrorist state to such a level that Pakistan started heavy shelling and firing across not only LOC but also along International Border killing innocent BSF jawans walking along the fence. The objective is to point a gun on our forehead and ask us to sit for "talks".

Again Pakistan erred in their calculations. Now under Modi, the security forces have been given blank cheque for retaliation of giving back 10 bullets for 5 they receive. It was only the then Defence Minister Anthony who during the dying days of the UPA government read out his own reply hiding the army's report, that terrorists "wearing Pak Army uniform" had sneaked into our territory and butchered our innocent soldiers. Then Kurshid happily served Briyani for the visiting officials of the enemy country.

Can India hold talks with China or any other country, simultaneously our diplomat in their capital talking to their anti-nationals?

Matters have worsened to this level only because of two families, one in Kashmir and the other in Delhi have consistently cheated the common man for the last 60 years and amassed wealth and own castles in UK, Europe and other places. Not strange that their descendants appear like blood brothers.

Only the "Chaiwala" named by the motor mouth Mani Shankara Iyer can save us from the terrorists.



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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

Posts: 1233
Location: India.

The whole night the Indian news media have been playing visuals about the total anarchy on the streets of Lahore and Karachi. Imran Khan and Qadri with the tacit backing of the army have been staging protests for the removal of Nawaz Sharif. We should not ask why they cannot fight the elections, win and form government. That is not the way it is usually done there. But when it comes to Kashmir, they would shed crocodile tears, as if they are going to be the saviors of Kashmiris. We do not know whether to laugh or cry at whatever gimmicks Pakistan has been staging in the name of bringing freedom to Kashmir. It is now for the Kashmiris to realize that Pakistan is nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing

Post ID: 214409 30-08-14 18:43:35
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