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Chai Pe Charcha

Here is the live telecast of Chai Pe Charcha.

His opening speech.

In our country, a tea stall serves as a means to livelihood for the poorest of the poor.
In a way, this serves as a 'footpath Parliament'
When I have come here today, I naturally go back to my childhood
I recall I learnt a lot when I was selling tea... it was an experience...
If you go to any Indian household, they begin by asking you 'chai peeyenge kya' (Would you like to have some tea?)
'Chai se chah badti hi' (Tea increases ambition)
Since we began this campaign, lakhs of people have visited the website, sent in questions and suggestions
Thanks to technology and tea, I have had the opportunity to understand what the common citizen in India thinks
Today we are going to discuss good governance
Mahatma Gandhi gave us 'swaraaj' but we couldn't convert that into 'suraaj'
We need to restore the faith of the people in government
We hear 'good governance' as a word but don't understand what it actually means
Elections are a celebration of democracy... there should be political education during polls
No matter how healthy a body looks, if you have diabetes, your body plays host to many other ailments
Bad governance is like diabetes. Corruption starts and any sign of development is wiped out
In a country like India, we should stress on good governance
I am going to be with you- and if need be - have another cup of tea... maybe you'd want one too
A people's representative should be with the people. I know of MLAs who have been elected 9-10 times. They attend funerals and marriages in their constituencies... share happiness and grief of people.
And all MLAs and MPs , from all parties do this...politics is not how it used to be... it is like walking on a sword's edge...

Hurat Honani Murat!

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