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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > 65 MPs write to Obama to deny visa for Modi
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65 MPs write to Obama to deny visa for Modi

We do not compare Narendra Modi with Veer Shivaji because for most people Veer Shivaji was an avatar of Lord Shiva to protect Hinduism.

The only sin Modi has committed seem to be like Veer Shivaji he is challenging the family dynasty that is at the Delhi Durbar.

One wonders how even some reputed people who have studied at London School off Economics or at Harvard or occupied senior postions at UNO, are so happy to pledge their brains to this family and ready to do this family's domestic chores.

Do these 65 MPs not know a better way to eke out a living?

Weren't there no riots during the Congress rule since 1947. In one single event of Mrs. Gandhi's death in 1984 more than 3000 sikhs were said to have been killed in Delhi alone. And the perpetrators have not been punished.

But in 2002 about 34% of those killed in Gujarat were Hindus and for a minority population of just 9%. Does it not mean that there were anti-social elements exploiting the situation.

Were the late Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi denied USA visa for hobnobbing with terrorists and terrorist organisations. The proof is that they were killed by the same extremist elements when they refused to toe their line (of the terrorists) anymore.

The best option would be for Mr.Modi to never travel to the USA in his lifetime. He has lived his 60 odd years of his life and been the most successful Chief Minister of India. He could as well live a few more decades without going there.

That would be a slap on the face of the US State Department which denied him a visa.


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Post ID: 205883 23-07-13 08:20:45
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Senior Desi
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Remember Mir Jafar, the nawab of bengal. Here we have 65 Mir Jafar's..

someone has to teach them a lesson.
this time its going to be Narendra Modi

Post ID: 205884 23-07-13 09:41:30
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You guys need to get a life. I understand where you guys are coming from. However, one needs to accept reality, which is that without Muslim support, no party can come to power in India. If you understand that, then you would realize that Modi or BJP do not stand any chance in next 100 years to gain power because they have alienated most powerful vote bank. Democracy, world over, is a game of vote bank. No one gives a damn to governance and other s**t that Modi is claiming. You should remember that 3 days after horrific 26/11 attacks, Delhi elected Kangress. Likewise, they gave absolute majority to Kangress in Karnataka as if Kangress is any less corrupt than Yeddy.

Democracy is vote bank politics. If one does not understand, then that person does not deserve power. Indira played that time and again. Obama learned it from Indira and most ineffective guy got elected second time. It is time that BJP supporters come to realize that without Muslim votes, they can never think of getting re-elected.

In next 30 years, Islamic people would rule whole of Europe and Russia. Though Islamic people may not rule USA, they would be where India is today _ without Islamic support , no one can come to power.

Stop whining and join the crowd.

Post ID: 205899 23-07-13 17:59:26
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