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Needed Clarifications/Suggestions Before Applying for Canada Visa.

Hi ,
I'm from India

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Originally posted by saik143

Hi ,
I'm from India
Recently Completed my Graduation , My Interests are in Cyber Security , Networking...
Bachelors of Science & Technology in Computer Science Engineering With 70 % (5 Backlogs Cleared).
Cisco Certified Network Associate (C C N A ) in Security Module with A+ Grade.
Intermediate in Maths, Physics , Chemistry with 65-70%.
High School with 74%.
IELTS : Speaking - 6.5
Listening - 7.0
Reading - 5.5
Writing - 5.5
Total - 6.0


These are my observations and are valid as per your own performance. Your back log of FIVE subjects shows a lack of concentration during that period and it will be worth your while going back to that period and see what created that distraction, such as Cricket Matches and Partying etc., But you have done well in the aggregate marks. But the FDU will require your scoring in each of the subjects. See below, and you must have provided it to them, as they did not ask you for more details, subsequent to the filing of your application.

Also, you scraped through the bottom in your IELTS. May be sufficient, but it is desirable to ace it at 8.0 if you ever want to achieve the higher posts in your career.


I've Applied for Fairleigh Dickinson University , Vancouver for MAS in Cyber Security & Forensic Administration for Fall 2013 i.e., September-2013 Intake on 28-March 2013, and it is Confirmed (Not Accepted) on 15-May-2013, and Received a mail from Administrative Officer that ( We have Received all your Documents , and admission acceptances will be sent after 15-June-2013 ).


I could not make much sense out of the word Confirmed in the above sentence. Does it mean that they acknowledged your application or holding a seat till the total application process gets completed. I know you are asking me the same.

I also know that most of these Universities in US and Canada are sucking the life blood out of the International Students with very high fees (See below) and might throw a seat to you just for the bucks that you will bring in. Well that is what you want I suppose.



Help Me in the below Mentioned Cases :

1. Will i Get Acceptance with Above Mentioned Academic Profile ?

2. Is my IELTS Band Score Enough for both Admission (Since FDU Requirement is 6.0 and i fulfilled it), Visa ?

3. If i Get Acceptance from FDU by June 15 , is Time Enough for applying VISA for September Intake ?

4. Will my Backlogs in Graduation Play a role in Visa , Admission ?

5. What More Academic Standards , Improvements do i need ?

Thanks in Advance ...


1) If it is the bucks they want and you will provide them with it, then you have a seat there. In short it is their decision. If it is on merits, then negative. There are hundreds of students with 25% higher marks right there in Vancouver.

2) It is the admission into the FDU that matters currently and hence the Immigration will decide upon your acceptance into HDU.

3) You will get 70 odd days after you receive their acceptance and your initial Payment of $2500 will provide you with a letter of acceptance, but it is the payment of fees will guarantee you a SEAT. You better be prepared to dole out the dough for the fees, right now, after you see this response with hard cash (For the First Semester.) and the boarding and lodging, if you want to live right under their nose.

4) These determinations are made by the heads of the department to see if you will ever be a successful executive in your career here or in a country that you may return back to.

5) Education is a great stepping stone to success. You better put in your heart and soul into the next Major step you will be taking in your life, and also polish upon your writing skills in English paying proper attention to spelling and the grammar and in specifics to language that will be more akin to the Legal Lingo you will be needing to express your views with and in a very cut and dried manner in your professional field, when you enter into Cyber Security and Networking.

Graduate Admissions
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please hold all application status inquiries for Summer 2013 until after June 15, 2013.

*Please note: Master of Administrative Science graduate program is very competitive and seats for each semester are limited. If seat capacity is filled prior to all applications being processed; the remaining applications will be deferred to the next semester and the applicants will be notified.

Admissions Committee FDU Vancouver Campus.

Admissions to the MAS program will be competitive and meeting minimum requirements may not guarantee entry to the program. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the program, FDU will set a number of seats to fill each semester and a specified number of applicants will receive offers. Applications will be judged on specific entrance criteria including previous academic performance, English proficiency, Letters of Recommendation and a Statement of Purpose.

* Students from India: Please note that we do not accept consolidated mark sheets. Individual mark sheets showing all attempts, failures and retakes are required.
*Certified English translation must accompany the transcripts if the documents are not in English.

Please see the list.:
Since you are entering the MAS program, you will have to get a ruling on this from them.

Student Visa :
Some help :

What you have to accomplish after entry :

When you get this in your e-mail :


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