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Degree Certificate . this case is different

hi every1 ,
this is my first post .
as subject suggest i want info about degree certificate but this is really
different case .
i have completed my masters in 2004 and after examinations i got marksheet n soon i went aboad . and i didnt attend convocation and as i mentioned in form that i wil take my degree certi in person not absentia . so i didnt get it but now i am applying for canada and i need the master degree certificate but i cant ask for duplicate coz i dont have original's zerox ( coz i didnt get it ) .
i have marksheet of that year . what should i do ? can i get it on base of my marksheet of that year ?
reply soon coz its urgent .


Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 13
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Post ID: 204118 04-03-13 02:39:22
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 08

Posts: 220
Location: Canada

I am sorry but it is little difficult to understand what you are trying to ask. Could you explain it properly?

Post ID: 204160 05-03-13 16:22:01
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 08

Posts: 1002
Location: Toronto

You are applying for Canada for what?
Why you need master degree certificate ...

Anyway whatever you do ..... you can use whatever you have ..... and write to your university to issue the certificate. May be it takes time but I do not see any reason for not issuing a certificate, if you have completed the program.

Post ID: 204162 05-03-13 21:24:10
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Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 02

Posts: 447

Really difficult to understand the question. Are you applying for the PR? In that case you have enough time to communicate to your University.

The Canadian Officer will consider other proofs as well, so if you have something that shows you have completed your Masters that should be fine.

Hurat Honani Murat!

Post ID: 204164 06-03-13 08:06:38
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 296
Location: Alberta

Its simple . Contact yolur University and show them your marksheet and request them to issue degree certificate .

Post ID: 204167 06-03-13 13:23:33
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