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you how to deal with in the game.

Things between you and Ferguson

Two players mobbed by reporters. Chu transit and other teammates quick stroll from the side on the bus," target="_blank">NFL jerseys china.and then in the car with merciful eyes looked at two almost a microphone plugged into the mouth of his teammates.

"Hoffenheim team has arrived today, half past ten the Manchester airport bar where the TV is playing sports news in the evening. Drinkers who have looked up at the television suspended from the ceiling. The screen is a screen Hoffenheim players to come out from the airport channel.

"Look!" Someone shouted, pointing to the TV screen. "Chu! Chu!"

"Oh oh oh! That guy than before black more

"No longer strong muscle a lot of it."

They all looked up at the TV, and talk together.

Round of Bundesliga staged hat trick Bosnian striker Ibisevic by the media 'attention

Chu transit screen only exist on the screen for a few seconds, then the lens on the Go Ibisevic who.

This raises bar drinkers dissatisfaction: "Who wants to see him! Depends Chu! Bastard!"

"The media is really utilitarian. Chu did not score," target="_blank">Elite nfl jerseys,so we do not concern him, damn

"Hey, that time you bitch blind media take a glimpse of his powerful."

No mention of Chu transit news, everyone's attention shifted from the TV down.

This temperature Boers Bar boss about powder is busy behind the counter side, side and chat with the old guys. They have organized the fans watching Manchester, starting in the afternoon of September 30, watching the ball and then come back the same night.

Jersey to go to when they will be wearing blue Wimbledon Athletic spectators, just Hoffenheim jersey is blue, far look like they are TSG Kraken fans in the stands. In fact they are just fans of Chu transit. They just see Chu transit game. Instead Hoffenheim game.

"In fact, from the strength of both teams. Richthofen siren tomorrow to Pan can not win the Manchester branch training team Akio is not a grade,

"Who cares that? Us to see just Chu! Chu play on the line, pipe Hoffenheim win does not win it!"

The rest of the people while drinking a cup of beer," target="_blank">Cheap nfl jerseys,hile continuing to discuss tomorrow's game.

"It is in I'm not Hoffenheim fans, I'm not Manchester United fans, I just want to see Chu wonderful performance tomorrow, As for who wins," Well, in fact, I still hope that TSG Kraken win. After all, TSG Kraken Chu Sun "

By tipsy feeling, getting more and more excited.

John boss here, everyone said the sound will have to a lot, almost be whispered.

"We want to go tomorrow, how many people? Asked boss John Bent.

"About a hundred and fifty men."

"Last time at Hampden Park, we have three hundred

John interrupted his boss: "Old Trafford is not Hampden Park, old chap. Ticket for home fans all the real Manchester United fans robbed and they are not many tickets to away fans. I was removed from Germany bought one hundred fifty tickets is not easy," target="_blank">Nfl jerseys wholesale,if not vote like us can go to 300 people. "

"I think in the home of Manchester United. 150 people we basically nothing

"I do not think so boss retorted John." As long as we opened their mouths to sing, you can hear clearly. This is called telepathy. Ha! '

"Speaking of Manchester United and I suddenly thought of Chu still here things the FA Cup that year we all hope to be able to get Manchester United's so that we can go to Old Trafford game results until now Wimble Gordon athletics did not able to get through in the FA Cup, Manchester United, it touches Chu first step to go to Old Trafford laugh finished boss John suddenly recalled past.

Ratio. Wan ratio

"How do you think that long thing?" Rest on our laurels especially some unexpected.

"Nothing comes to Manchester United, I could not help but to think up the previous day. Chu seems Hoffenheim fared well this season, took part in the Champions League, after perhaps greater achievements. I think his life is no chance to put on our jersey

The stakes special drinking was this last sentence to choking cough up.

Cough, cough! Do you think of where to go. Old boy? We now even professional sports teams are not, unless one day we return to the Premier League, but when Chu How old? '

John boss also realized they want to go too far," target="_blank"> authentic nhl jerseys ,nd meaningless. Then laughed. Reach for the glass, and the rest on our laurels special touch: "Well, just talk about tomorrow's game."

Evening, at the same time, the hotel in Manchester. Hoffenheim players are on the tactical lessons.

General game tactics and personnel arrangements will come out in the Church tactics in class, Church tactical lesson is the most important, no one can be absent.

The Brannick First published a list of the race tomorrow. No accident. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Ibisevic partner, the midfielder is Salihovic, Eduardo, Chu transit and Sana'a. The back line West Mud Nicky partner Pogatetz hit the defender Kolarov and Baker are the left and right backs. The goalkeeper is natural pedicle mother Hildebrand. Sitting on the bench goalkeeper Daniel Haas, defender Christoph Metzelder, Comper, midfielder Vosa, Wu Popovich Couchepin. Striker Wellington and Obasi.


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