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Comparing catholic and public schools for high school - Mississauga

My daughter will be going to high school next year and we are looking into two options. We live around Winston Churchil and Eglinton area in Mississauga.

The options are:

-Catholic - St Alosious Gonzaga (very close to our house, 10 minutes walk)
-Public Stephen Lewis (has to take a bus)

I am considering going with catholic mainly since it is closer to home. But, not sure whether this is the right choice. Any thoughts?


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Post ID: 204061 27-02-13 12:18:48
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Senior Desi
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I would recommend the Catholic school as disipline is more and the teachers are generally better (check the ratings of the school).
However, catholic schools are only for catholics (who have received the holy sacriment).
Are you a catholic?

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YES ... discipline is definitely very high in catholic schools. Some times I wonder why they make those students to wear short skirts in a cold country like Canada.

Post ID: 204091 02-03-13 00:19:06
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