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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Petrol prices shoot up
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Petrol prices shoot up

Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 05

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Location: God's own country

Spot on Gurram !
Plus we import atleast 30% fuel paid in foreign exchange. In Europe and the Americas, interest rates are very low (2% or so) where as in India, savings bank gives 4%, 7 day FD gives 7.25 % interest rate and you expect petrol price to stay the same? Inflation is almost in the double digits. People are getting jobs left and right (although poor people still have not seen the uplift as the middle class of India) and people jump from company to company every 3 months or so (due to higher wages being given)
No way sirs !


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Post ID: 197178 29-05-12 07:51:30
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 07

Posts: 3252

I agree with TK and Gurram.

Pray tell, when the oil prices are rising in every darn country, why should India be left behind. All car owners in India are making much better money than before and they want to pay the price that was prevalent 10 years ago?
Doesn't make any sense to me.

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Post ID: 197188 29-05-12 11:50:30
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

Posts: 2713
Location: Kitchener, ON

Because petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene prices are regulated by Government of India, any increase in any of those causes a big backlash. Petrol prices would come down in India if your reduce Rs. 500 subsidy per LPG cylinder, Rs. 25 subsidy per liter of kerosene, Rs. 10 subsidy per liter of diesel.
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Post ID: 197214 30-05-12 10:35:19
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 10

Posts: 2153
Location: GTA

Govt should find other ways of revenue, rather than taxing Petrol & making life difficult for common middle class families... rather they should tax other sources like increasing corporate taxes, or a levy on export (as exporters are benefiting from weaker Rs)..

Look at Goa, where BJP govt has lowered its revenue from Petrol & it has the most lowest price in the entire country..

Post ID: 197217 30-05-12 12:47:11
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