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Agitation is not wedding to send invites: Kejriwal

Looka like Baba G is no longer the "flavour of the month" ..... even Anna has started distancing himself from the the baba ...... On the other hand it is good to see Baba G concentrating his energies on Yoga shivir !!!!

Differences seem to have cropped up between the Anna Hazare camp and yoga guru Baba Ramdev as the latter has “not been invited” for the hunger stir by the veteran activist on August 16, to protest against the government’s draft of the Lokpal Bill.

Rumour mills were in full swing on Saturday regarding Ramdev’s participation but by evening officials of both the camps denied any truth in it, with a member of Team Anna saying the event was not a wedding for which invitations have to be sent”.

Swami Agnivesh, who was rumoured to have written to Ramdev denied it saying, “This is absolutely not true. I have not invited Ramdevji at all, either by verbal or oral communication.”

Addressing media person’s regarding Hazare’s fast and the Delhi Police’s restrictions, activist Arvind Kejriwal, shot back saying, “Is this a wedding for which we are sending invitations.

S K Tijaranwala, Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson said the yoga guru was busy with a camp at his ashram in Haridwar and would not attend Hazare’s agitation.

“This yoga shivir was planned four months ago. Ramdevji is busy training people for yoga, and there has been no official invite. As of now, he has no plans of going to Delhi to participate in Anna’s fast,” said Tijaranwala.


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Senior Desi
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Let Anna start the agitation: gradually all Indians worldwide will join his protest

Post ID: 186433 14-08-11 13:04:10
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BlueLobsterMember of Administrators
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Refused permission to fast?

There may be some arguments on whether this is the right approach or not, however last I checked, India is a democracy and people have a right to protest. What an irony that the very method that was used to obtain India's independence is being denied on Independence day.

The final flakes of the honesty mask have fallen off our PM. He's more than just spineless. Shameful.

Are you there?

Post ID: 186465 15-08-11 08:48:48
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Senior Desi
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I see very good signs of waning image / reign of Congress, I have a feeling there is a big ego clash going in side that continues deter a diplomatic counter to Anna. Like Indian cricket team response in bad matches, congress's response nowadays appears to carry the certain disaster buried in.

On the other side, there is no replacement to them as such as the opposition party doesn't have a leader (assuming Advani is fully sidelined by cheap Sushma etc., company).

Heading to a political chaos. Bad for India unfortunately. People like Ramdev might have already sensed the forthcoming confusions and that could be one of the reason they tried to capitalize it, though failed miserably due to lack of "Rajneeti".

I wish the Congress clan doesn't go into repeating the East Coast company style looting before heading to rest.

The cowards never started,
The weak died on the way,
Only the strong arrived.

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Baba R is under investigation. His close aide is sort of absconding. So lets leave him like that.

Anna's fast tomorrow will be under tense conditions. Delhi cops have denied permission for the venue. Lets see if he ends up like Baba R. Hope Supreme court is watching. CONgress(I) is jittery abt the fast.


Post ID: 186471 15-08-11 11:22:31
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