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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Proposal to make "bribe-giving" legal
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Proposal to make "bribe-giving" legal

Senior Desi
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I agree,
I was looking from the consumer point of view

This is the consumer point of view .... would you pay money to stay safe or pay money to get killed.

In the first case you might be able to save the money if you DON'T jump the red light ........ in the second he will find a way to make you pay !!!!

Post ID: 185318 22-07-11 10:45:14
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Senior Desi
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Originally posted by puttoo


So, instead of suggesting ways to stop curruption, this nonsensical Murthy (expected better from him) is asking people to pitch in. Disappointed.

Did you read the full article? What is proposed is that giving bribe is made legal and not taking bribe. Right now a person is forced to pay the bribe because he needs something done. Once the bribe is paid, that person stays quite becuase technically he has taken part in an illegal act and he is as much guilty as the person who took the bribe. But their positions are different as he has been forced to pay this money otherwise he will not get the job done which might be legit to begin with.

Yes, I did read the full article. Nevertheless, it is a very complex way to eliminate or reduce curruption on an 'aam aadmi' level. I don't agree with him even 1% regardless of his stature. There's nothing noble about it.

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Post ID: 185324 22-07-11 11:21:22
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