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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Famous-Anti-Hindu, Desh-Drohi Diggy-Raja in aapki adalat(full video)
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Famous-Anti-Hindu, Desh-Drohi Diggy-Raja in aapki adalat(full video)

Famous-Anti-Hindu, Desh-Drohi Diggy-Raja in aapki adalat(full video)


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Post ID: 185049 18-07-11 18:06:14
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Senior Desi
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Defeat them at the polls
The Congees do not understand that the vote bank politics that they are playing is a dangerous sword that can cut both edges. Already we see that Kanyakumari and Coimbatore districts in Tamil Nadu have strong sentiments against this anti and destroy hinduism politics played by the Congees and their allies in corruption the DMK. Once for all this Congress and Dig Vijay Singh must be defeated, dug up and put under mud that only after a 1000 years for only the archeologists to find out.

Post ID: 185071 19-07-11 08:14:43
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I was in Pune and Mumbai last month and the aam aadmi like the auto/taxi driver, waiters etc were very angry and p*ssed off at the morons of the Cong govt for the mind boggling scams and the looting of the country. But will they vote with their feet? Likely not - slum/chawl level voting is a function of goondagiri and buying of votes which cong has perfected quite well.

Post ID: 185080 19-07-11 10:35:02
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