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Smaller House (fashion by choice/compulsion)

Downsized: Family lives mortgage-free in 320-square-foot home (isn't this size similar to some smaller apartments/flat's in urban India).

Its being called the ultimate downsize.

Two years ago, Gary and Debra Jordan were living in a spacious 2000-square-foot home. When Gary lost his job as a construction manager, they struggled to make their mortgage payments. Both took on odd jobs, working long hours and spending less time together just to stay afloat.

So they downsized.

The Arkansas couple found a local builder on Craigslist who custom-built them a new shotgun-style home for less than $20,000.

They now live mortgage-free in a 320-square-foot home with their 13-year-old home-schooled son, Max, who sleeps in a loft above the hallway.

video link:


Senior Desi
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Post ID: 183670 10-06-11 09:47:49
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 10

Posts: 2153
Location: GTA

This is the future guys, smaller home will become a reality in the very near future. Its better to live debt free, rather than a 650k house with a 95% loan-to-value mortgage, & working day & night just to pay a mortgage..

Post ID: 183705 10-06-11 19:58:52
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Senior Desi
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Free market is the answer..
Everyone has own definition of affordable housing. If free market decides the price and there is no govt. support (CMHC, Freddie/Fannie) then there would not be 70% ownership and banks think 10 times to give a mortgage. House price is decided by mortgage lender, not by buyer.

Govt. can delay the problem or make it worse but can not override people's stupidity ( 0/40, 5/35, no saving/investment, 95% loan-to-value mortgage, 2 pay check away from foreclose).

Last edited by: rahul_singh23 on 11-06-11 23:30:03
Post ID: 183753 11-06-11 23:27:37
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Senior Desi
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I like this one from today's Globe and Mail

A BC couple built a very little home in their parent's backyard.

My prayer to you
Is that you do all the things you set out to do
And live your life the way you love

Thurston Moore, Psychic Hearts

Post ID: 183936 17-06-11 07:54:58
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I think a case could be made where your clients would get more out of the view every night from the dining room than the infrequent times that they'll use the spa.

And, don't you find it odd that you enter the spa from the dining room, though there appears to be on real convient access to it than other from the living room.

I leaning toward Richard's viewpoint and think a free standing spa, maybe in a free standing structure in the back, seperate from the house would give some clarity to the house and the different functions." target="_blank">Properties In India

Post ID: 187789 01-10-11 07:46:51
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