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Finding job no luck looking for some course

Senior Desi
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Originally posted by angel21
Thanks for your responses !
My skills are mainly manual testing and and to small extend may be 10% of automation. proficiency is moderate rest tools I know are related to manual testing. As far as automated testing is concerned I worked on silk test.
I agree that I should make my resume more detailed and get it reviewed.
My experience is I generally don't fit in the domain of the opening mostly the calls are from banking and finance and I have exp with Capacity Management domain that may be one of the reason.
Secondly sometime openings are merely for pure manual testing, of which I have good exp still I don't get the calls. People say that employer look for the Canadian work exp is it true?
Dies somebody have the links for banking and finance related domain knowledge?

Ok. Something is so very wrong here.
Canada is only good for IT jobs (incl. QA/Testing), Finance and Some high end business. There are a lot of QA jobs available.
With respect to QA jobs, I know many Indian ladies ( +2) only who are earning like 60K + with some fake Indian experience. I think either your resume is too indianized or you are not seeing the job posting well.
Now what you have to do is :

1. Look at the job posing very carefully and make your resume for that job posting (and not the general one). Try to put either overseas project or projects done in India but for american clients. Get suitable references from Canada. They need not be in the IT field but they have to be located in canada

2. Go to a FREE resume making workshop (eg. costi or skills for change) and professionally make your resume. It needs just 2 sittings.

3. Costi or Skills for change offers paid intership positions (They will contact a employer and tell them that the Govt. will pay part of your salary for 10 weeks should they decide to hire you. This works for medium and small businesses only)

4. Properly groom yourself. Put scent. wear lipsticks. Wear professional attire. Cut your hair a bit short (no Indian plaits and all)

Current companies hiring for QA are (the major ones) :
Rogers, Telus, GANZ, Bell, TD Bank, CIBC, Loblaws, RBC, IBM etc...

It is only a matter of time before they will come running after you for jobs.

Donot do any course in Canada. For IT people there is no need. Also avoid visiting Kijiji, Craigslist , Job bank for IT jobs. These are for peope in other fields only not in IT which is highly respected profession here. Courses are so expensive here.

Your should only try Workoplois,Monster and some reputed agencies like Hays etc ...

You can contact your local MP (member of Parliment) and ask him as to why even people in IT (QA) canot get job. if you canot then who will? MP's in Canada are not like those in India. they will really represent you in parliment as ask some good questions to the Govt. regarding why even IT people are not getting job in canada these days.

all the best.


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 179079 11-02-11 12:00:01
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Member since: May 08

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OP : Do not waste your time to go to MP's / food banks / find ways to get govt. benefits . Either utilize it in brushing up your resume and skills .
Do not try to blame others for your own mistakes .
Otherwise the day is not far when we will see a post from you saying 'goodbye Canada" .

Post ID: 179080 11-02-11 12:26:02
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Junior Desi
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Thanks tamilkuravan! your suggestions are really valuable. I will try to follow all of them.

I know doing courses here are very costly, but I was just curious to know if there is any good institute that offer good QA training that also provide placement assistance so that I will at least get some calls.

I have gone through

Please suggest if anybody knows anything about these institution and do these institutes really help in placement?

If anybody knows any other institute please let me know. I dont know reviews of any of these institutes.

Thanks in advance!

Post ID: 179352 17-02-11 11:50:57
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Senior Desi
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Location: Brampton, Ont, Canada

i guess recruitment/placement agency can definitely help you ... u need to work hard though.

Apply online then walk to their office, get their contact info, keep In touch with them - IT WILL WORK TRUST ME

U dont have to limit yourself with few known agencies, try to find small recruiter firm as well.

If you are familier with linkedIn then try to enter in that network personally monster and linkedin worked for me I got my job from linked in connection, I have got so many calls from monster ( I hv to actually remove my resume to avoid)

Good luck

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

Post ID: 179360 17-02-11 12:51:44
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