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Rahul baba and Common Indian

Rahul baba and Common Indian

Indian: Hey, kid! Whatís up?

Rahul: I am not a kid.

Indian: Come on, kid! You are a kid.

Rahul: Listen, I am the future Prime Minister of India.

Indian: Oh, every kid born in your family is the future Prime Minister of India.

Rahul: No way! Look at Varun. Sanjoo uncleís kid. He doesnít stand a chance to become the PM.

Indian: Ya, your mom marginalized him quite well. Right, kid?

Rahul: Again you called me a kid?

Indian: Itís okay, kid! Everybody calls you a kid.

Rahul: How?

Indian: People call you Rahul Baba. Kids from rich families are called Baba.

Rahul: Oh, I didnít notice that. I thought they call me Baba because I act in a mature way. You know, grandfathers are also called Baba.

Indian: In your case, itís a little different.

Rahul: Oh, thatís shocking.

Indian: By the way, what am I hearing about you?

Rahul: What did you hear?

Indian: You went to that American ambassador and said the Hindu hardliners are a bigger threat than Lashkar-e-Toeba.

Rahul: These goddamn leaks!

Indian: Why do you think they are a bigger threat?

Rahul: See, people said in the 70s that Indira is India.

Indian: People didnít say. Sycophants from Congress said that.

Rahul: For my family, they are the Ďpeopleí.

Indian: Okay. Thatís an honest confession.

Rahul: Since my granny Indira is no longer alive, automatically we become India.

Indian: ďWeĒ?

Rahul: Ya, we! Me, mom, sis and Jeeju.

Indian: Okay! I got it.

Rahul: Now Lashkar-e-Toeba cannot overthrow my family from power. But these Hindu hardliners can do. Look at what happened in Gujrat and Bihar.

Indian: Gujarat I can understand. Modi is there. But what about Bihar?

Rahul: See, Nitish has got BJPís support. Right! So, Hindu hardliners are dangerous there also.

Indian: Okay.

Rahul: So, itís simple. Hindu hardliners are a threat to my family. My family is India. So, they are a threat to India.

Indian: Wow! You know how to prove something.

Rahul: Thanks!

Indian: But why did you go to that American uncle to crib about it? Your mom doesnít give you time or what?

Rahul: Itís a family trait, friend! In 1947, when Pakistan invaded Kashmir, my great-grandpa Nehru went to the United Nations to complain about it.

Indian: And we are still facing the consequences.

Rahul: Ya, and people say our family didnít contribute anything to India.

Indian: HmmÖ.the Kashmir problem is not a small contribution by any yardstick.

Rahul: Thanks!

Indian: You see you have the power to convince people. You just convinced me.

Rahul: Yeah! Thatís why Mom asks me to roam around the country and convince people that I am the best PM they can have.

Indian: But why are you not the PM yet? Who can stop you?

Rahul: Friend, mom wanted to put a band-aid on the wound of Sikh riots by making that soft-spoken intellectual the PM.

Indian: Good strategy!

Rahul: Anyway, what difference does it make? You see, Manmohan uncle always takes our permission even for the smallest things. He cannot afford not to take permission.

Indian: Good, good! So, how many people have you convinced so far in India?

Rahul: Many. Many.

Indian: I heard people in Bihar and Gujarat refused to understand your logic.

Rahul: I know. Biharis are dumb and Gujaratis are sycophants of that Modi.

Indian: I heard students started throwing chairs at you when you spoke in Bihar.

Rahul: Thatís true. They are dumb and reactionary.

Indian: Can I give a suggestion?

Rahul: Yup!

Indian: Ask mom to increase your security. If so-called dumb people can figure out your game, what will happen to you in the rest of India?

Rahul: Hey, you are right! I want to be safe.

Indian: Or, ask your American uncles to give you the FBI security.

Rahul: I will ask them. I will do it today itself.

Indian: Thatís good. You know, kids from rich families shouldnít roam around without proper protection. They are sensitive and prone to attacks from poor people who are not ready to take bullshit anymore


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