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Transfer money to ICICI Bank in India, residents account

I need to transfer a small amount to an ICICI Bank account in Santacruz Mumbai, resident savings account. What would be the best way?

1. Money2India service? Is it reliable?

2. Wire transfer from my Canadian account? Also does Icici have city specific SWIFT codes?


Junior Desi
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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If you have an account with ICICI Canada, you can compare the rates and send money from that. Otherwise you can use ICICI's Money2India. It will take a couple of days to link your Canadian bank account to Money2India, after that you can transfer.

Wire transfer is quick though it will cost a bit more, ask the recipient to get the SWIFT code from their bank and send it to you.

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Post ID: 159835 08-03-10 07:17:33
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Senior Desi
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I have been using ICICI Money 2 India for several years. There are a a few different ways that can be used such as wire transfer,cheque transfer and online transfer. By far, the most convenient is online transfer where M2I debits your Canadian Bank A/C (need not be ICICI a/c) and transfers it to any ICICI bank a/c in India. It takes 5 business days to complete.

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Junior Desi
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ICICI Bank Review Moeny Transfer
ICICI Bank is one of the worst bank in the world....:((

Very pooooor customer service they don't even answer the questions properly ...if you try asking one question by calling several time you will get different answers.

My personal experience:
I transfered 9000 dollar to india...never get cleared....even it took me three months to get money bank from them......:(

Post ID: 166029 21-06-10 00:46:25
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