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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Ex-aide blows lid off sexcapades of the swami
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Ex-aide blows lid off sexcapades of the swami

The culprit is bisexual swami Nithyananda (Nitya Ananda), daily happiness


Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 09
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Post ID: 159797 06-03-10 23:00:00
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 09

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This is not the first time a "swamy" or say "sanyasi" or "religious guru" has engaged in acts unbecoming of his status. This won't be the last time, either.

I watched the video of this (un)holy man, with the starlet. Much of the video has to been edited (should I say "cut out";)?, to make it "decent". Yet it is disgusting, and depraving to say the least. Sun TV which originally telecast this video claims that they confirmed from several IT experts about the authenticity, and the identity of the person in the video. According to them, only after making sure that the person in the video was indeed the (so called) swamy Nityananda, did they telecast the video.

Shamelessly, the Ashram claims that the video is result of "conspiracy, morphing and graphics". I can understand why they make this claim - what is at stake is thousands of crores, in cash and property.

Time and again, we have these fake swamis indulging in acts unbecoming of a holy man. Be it land grab, rape or murder, they seem to do that with impunity. Rarely do these god-men get punished, because their followers and devotees include the high and mighty, like IAS or IPS officers, MP's and ministers to cite a few.

The one exception was Swamy Premananda. Premananda's real name is Prem Kumar, and he ran an Ashram in Trichy district of Tamil Nadu. He was convicted of rape and murder in 1997.Currently he is serving a double life sentence.

As long as people rush to these fake god-men to seek spiritual help and salvation, they will continue to commit crimes, with impunity.

Post ID: 159809 07-03-10 11:43:16
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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 10

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Location: Malton

Swami was also enjoying like we enjoy, why feel bad. Think
Problem is that these swamis claim that they are bharamcharaya. We also as bharamcharaya enjoy so way cant they.
I dont go to swamis but feel that they are more inclined towards women and money.
Keep away from self claimed Gods of INDIA.

Post ID: 159812 07-03-10 12:16:38
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 08

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Location: Sunny - Leone

Very important phenomenon happening Globally.

Thank God they are being exposed with a simple cellphone camera stuck on a wall with a chewed Gum. So much for Technology being used for changing the world.

People who have become financially powerful and attain every desire through instant gratification(due to technology) want instant solution to their problems and this is misused by the Godmen for their benefit.

There is no difference between AMWAY, Primerica and other chain(Pyramid) schemes and religious CULT.

This is happening widely in Hindu religious CULT currently:

1.Swami Nityananda of Tamilnadu: 32 years old, Mega Millionaire with followers from all parts of the globe. He spoke about Everlasting Happiness and I thought he wanted to demonstrate through a video after taking Viagara.

2.Swami Kalki Bhagwan of Andhrapradesh:

He and his wife are luring young students and IT professionals. They are giving them hallucination drugs/mind altering drugs and making them mad.

Watch for yourself:

3.Puttaparthi Saibaba of Andhrapradesh:

4.Erwadi in Tamilnadu:

Currently this place has been sealed up due to fight between two brothers in the family as they want to take control of the collections. Many a mentally challenged persons who need pshychiatric help are chained up at this place.

5.Benny Hinn of USA/Canada:
The rock star of evanglism exposed:

6.South Korea Church:Currently there is a big power struggle going on between the Christian Church(Evangelical) and the Buddhist Monks in South Korea.

7.Paul Dhinakaran, Tamilnadu:

He claims to cure all diseases by Prayer !. He is bringing evanglism from Tamil Nadu to Toronto, Canada. He is in the process of building a prayer hall in Toronto for the sake of Indian evanglical christians.

8.Scientology, USA, UK:

Tom Cruise, John Travolta( to name a few) who are part of this cult.

9.Scientific Miracles in Islam(?).

The list goes on and on IRRESPECTIVE of religion.

As long there are suckers in any religion they will be people who will take advantage of the same.

10.David Blaine Magicians Levitation trick revealed:

We can find a whole series of such expose on other magicians like David Copperfield and Chris Angel:

11.Criss Angel Revealed:!v=tsfz7zCfyXg&feature=related


12.When a person like Oprah Winfrey really explains the true Jesus she gets run down by the evangilists:

There are enough evidence on the internet for explaining the miracles of Jesus Christ. The best is on the discovery channel.

It is best to be an ATHEIST.

You make the Call.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

Post ID: 159825 07-03-10 20:06:46
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 08

Posts: 1448
Location: Sunny - Leone

The Canadian connection in Swami Nityanandas case:

A person named Melvin Boyd Diamond was found dead in this ashram and it was reported as an accidental fall by the post-mortem report while the gentleman Mr.Lenin the ex-aide has claimed this to be a murder.

Hope the Canadian government investigates this case.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

Post ID: 159879 08-03-10 17:54:37
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