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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Sports > 3 Indian Athletes at Vancouver Olympics 2010!!
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3 Indian Athletes at Vancouver Olympics 2010!!

Hello all,

You might be happy to note that this time, there are 3 athletes from India competing at Vancouver Olympics.

Siva Kesavan for Luge - he has been participating since at least 2 winter games. Last time he was the only participant from India. This time there are two more - both from Indian Army (Tashi Lundup and Jamyang Namgial) participating in ski events.

As usual, people from our motherland, with more than 1 Billion people and some of the best year-round snow conditions in earth, continue to disappoint. In fact, there is no mention of winter Olympic games (and Indian participation) on IOA website. Of course, we have 2 more than Pakistan :)

I can ski and skate and curl - but not good enough to meet qualifying standards of Olympics.

So let us all wish our Indian and Canadian athletes all the best!!


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Post ID: 158249 10-02-10 17:08:57
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Senior Desi
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Thanks for sharing useful info

Hope India wins atleast one Gold Medal !

Originally posted by laksa

In fact, there is no mention of winter Olympic games (and Indian participation) on IOA website. Of course, we have 2 more than Pakistan :)

Do they really play any other sports than Cricket ?

And in cricket too, half of the countries are refusing to play either in their homeland or against them


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Post ID: 158256 10-02-10 17:43:44
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Senior Desi
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And shocking was the uniforms story.

irresepctive of that...quite did not like their uniforms in parade.....

Last edited by: Aashu on 13-02-10 14:18:55
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Senior Desi
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yup that was sad ->

Post ID: 158645 16-02-10 14:09:32
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India and Winter Olympics
3 athlete and 5 official . Always a story with India team and one of the official is a hotel owner in Srinagar , who has nothing to do with sports.

He is a part of the Gang because he is taking care of all the expences incurred , What is our Govt doing and where all the taxpayers money going....

Post ID: 158681 17-02-10 01:29:51
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