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Austrian Boss Flies to Marry 35 year Old in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: Like many love stories, this too would have remained untold but for a jittery phone call from a Gujarati man to his boss in Austria,
seeking leave to look for a bride and get married to pacify his ageing parents who were in a hurry to have him “settled in life”.

What followed was an urgent mail from his boss that wasn’t quite official. “Would you mind considering me for marriage?” it said.

And that is how Anang Naik, 35, a medical scientist, won his bride, Dorris, who flew down to Ahmedabad in a jiffy to get married. The couple tied the knot on June 6.

“For me it was now or never,” confesses Dorris, who is revelling in her new avatar as the Indian bahu, wearing sarees and rolling out chapattis and making moong, Gujarati style.

Anang, whose parents were in Ahmedabad before they moved to Vapi, works as a lead medical researcher in Laurus, a medical research company owned by Dorris. Ever since he turned 30, his parents have been after him to get married.

When he visited home this time, there were many marriage proposals. Anang had a tough time, with his parents demanding that he should not go back to Austria unless he got them a bahu.

Anang gave in to parental pressure and made that call to Dorris, asking her to extend his leave. For her, it was “now or never” to confess her love for him. And, she promptly shot a mail.

“I was at a loss when I received her mail. But then, I realised we had a lot in common. She too is a vegetarian and a teetotaller and we share a good understanding. Maybe I had not realised my feelings for her. Like a scientist, I hardly ever thought with my heart,” says Anang, who confesses he has never had an affair.

Dorris says she always felt comfortable in his presence and likes the fact that he is sensitive and honest.

The Naik household is delighted to finally have got a bahu while Dorris says she loves being in a “big Indian family”. “Back home, this concept is so alien. I love the warmth and sense of togetherness in families here,” she says.

“Children move out of homes by 16 and hardly come back. I am touched by the family bonds. I have found a father, mother and sister here,” says Dorris of her in-laws. The couple will fly back to Austria on Friday.

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Rajeev Narula

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Hey, nice story.
Someone might make a movie out of this story....

"Mah deah, there is much more money to be made in the destruction of civilization than in building it up."

-- Rhett Butler in "Gone with the Wind"

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