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Canada qualifies for 2011 worldcup
Now I have two teams to cheer for:cheers:

And Pakistan stripped of worldcup hosting :cheers: :cheers:


Senior Desi
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Post ID: 141960 17-04-09 12:58:55
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Senior Desi
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I have a dream!.

I would like to see Canada win the World cup for cricket and the T-20 in my life time.

The final should be between Canada and India.

It could be held in Rogers Sky Dome with entertainment by our Canadian PR's like Akshay Kumar, Lisa Ray, Adnan Sami, Preity Zinta, Shakti Kapoor and others.The compere for the show will be our own Russell Peters and Sugar Sammy. While Russell could do it English and Sammy in French.

Nav Bhatia can host the competition and can be greatest Canadian Fan. We could have the commentary in Punjabi.

We could have Bangara during breaks with panipuri and vadapav served in the stands. The peanuts could be substituted with channa and the beer with sweet lassi.

We could have stands for Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and the other major states. A special stand can be put up for Canadian Desi and we could Twitter our messages and all the CD's who call out on threads like - anybody from UK ?(uttarakhand) can meet their fellow beings in those stands. The Tamilnadu stand could have the ladies wearing Kanchivaram sarees and people could eat tamarind/curd rice.

May be the nearest dream which I think will be reality will be to have the world cup held in Canada, USA and Mexico.

As Pakistan is under Taliban rule, while Indian government cannot gaurantee the safety of the cricket players the ideal location where it is safe and also has enough Desis will be North America.

The Canadian Cricket organizers should try to organize the ensuing World Cups in Canada.

Isn't ironic the oldest known sporting activity in Canada was Cricket by the British before the hockeys, baseball and basket ball !.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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