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How to contact Indian consulate Toronto

Hi all,

Has anyone contacted the Indian consulate in Toronto recently and managed to speak to a person?
If so, what are the phone options and tricks for doing so?

I have literally been on the phone since 9:00 this morning and no one is picking up the phone.
On their menu, I select option 0 for speaking to an operator but no one ever picks up.
All the other options seem to be pre-recorded voice messages.


Member since: Oct 04
Posts: 95
Location: Toronto, Canada

Post ID: 140186 20-03-09 13:46:18
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Desi # 1
Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 1420
Location: Mississauga

Do you have general question then call Ottawa. They pick up the phone and provide you the info

Post ID: 140189 20-03-09 14:28:42
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 08

Posts: 130
Location: Brampton

I don't think anybody picks phone at Toronto Indian consulate.
We tried calling them for about a week and couldn't get anybody...
Wrote few emails but no response.....
Its just ridiculous..

We had good experiences with Houston consulate, but Toronto consulate sucks..big time

Post ID: 140191 20-03-09 14:37:02
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Senior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 314

If not specific to toronto consulate,
call Consulate at Vancouver

they usually takes call between 2-3.30 pm local time

Post ID: 140195 20-03-09 15:34:01
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 06

Posts: 1170

I tried calling consulate at Toronto. It was my experience that no one picks up the phone or replies to email.

I had to take time off and visit them in person.

The staff there is totally uncivilized, arrogant, curt and disgusting. It is true reflection of GOI!

The officer (I do not want to mention his name) whom I met is a bafoon and even though I was discussing my issue, he picked his mobile and talked to the caller for 12 minutes. As I stated before, no civic manners.

Best option is to visit personally early in morning toavoid rush or find some personal contact.

Post ID: 140222 21-03-09 00:11:11
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