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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > I hope "Rajkotwasis" are not stupid
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I hope "Rajkotwasis" are not stupid

An MP is supposed to represent you (and your issues) in parliament. I hope people of Rajkot are not stupid to fall to this ploy by Congress to have a candidate that can hardly speak Gujarati or have any emotional bonding with Gujarat.

However, time to time, people have left their common sense out of voting booth when they elected Deepika Chikhalia (Vadodara) or Advani (Gandhinagar)


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I dont see anything wrong. How many MPs from Gujarat "really" worked for their constituents? Very few. Both Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi won from Karnataka. What they did after winning is a different story. If an MP can do a decent job for the voters, that's good enough. So, Patel or Jadeja, if they can win and do some work, that's good enough. When Big B won from Allahabad, he really did some good work, including a mobile hospital.


Post ID: 140172 20-03-09 11:19:06
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What about all those people that vote corrupt f#$ks?

Listen. We all know how politics work. Adn we know how it works in India. If by some miracle that MP can do some good work, what's your damn beef with his vernacular?

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Post ID: 140211 20-03-09 20:54:20
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Why worry about Rajkot? Cricket and Bollywood are main source of entertainment. How do you otherwise account for election of Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Govinda and now probably Sanjay Dutt?

Indian democracy is a joke. How do you otherwise account for Laloo, Ramvilas and Mulayam getting elected time and again and have a huge following?

Indian politics is full of criminals. I am sure Amisha or Jadeja will at least not indulge in goondaism and further with Modi being in Gujarat I do not see either of them getting elected. In fact they may cut in to Kangress vote. This is good for Rajkot and India

Post ID: 140223 21-03-09 00:18:13
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