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Which mobiles from Canada work in India?


I would be visiting Canada this summers. I have heard that electronic items in Canada are much cheaper than in India.

I wanted to know if a mobile purchased from Canada will work in India?
If yes, then what shall I keep in mind at the time of purchase?

Any help in this regard is appreciated.



Junior Desi
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Senior Desi
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Any quad band unlocked phone will work in Rogers/Fido in Canada and with GSM providers in India - BSNL, Airtel etc.

Post ID: 139654 12-03-09 13:33:50
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Senior Desi
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Aditya ! Blv it or not ... I had carried GSM phones from India to Canada for my frnds several times . Models/warranty and prices are much better in India ..
Blackberry is cheaper here though .

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Post ID: 139655 12-03-09 13:40:09
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Senior Desi
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Higher end models are cheaper in Canada .... otherwise the cellphones are cheaper in India. That actually is true for almost all items ..... higher end products are cheaper in Canada, generally speaking.

Post ID: 139656 12-03-09 13:48:29
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Senior Desi
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Duplicate :)

Last edited by: puttoo on 12-03-09 13:49:13
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