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About IPL and non-cooperation with Pakistan

A link about `Shoaib Akhtar`on sale led me to think - how comfortable we Indians would be - allowing or watching Pakistani cricketers play in IPL matches.

I know that there are contracts in place between players and teams, but do you think financial gain will overpower the national pride?


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Post ID: 134902 05-01-09 23:27:29
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Senior Desi
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I don't think any of the Paki players are coming. They will impose ban on self. Just few days back, Indians replaced them with NZ in a 4 nation Hockey Tournament.

Apart from that, I think neither owners nor players are strong enough to say we won't play Pak players. If player is in India then owner can always make them stay at hotel or in one of the corners in dressing room. Contracts does not mean that you have to play them. Actually IPL should play National Anthem during the break.

On non-cooperation - I don't think Indian Government is strong enough to do anything. Why is Government still waiting for International Support? Every Indian thinks that we are Super Power but Government is hesitant to use the power. I am not saying go for all out war or strike terror camps. At least Government can call Pakistan a Terror State and impose Ban on all kinds of relationship. Send Pak deplomats back. Charity begins at home - isn't it? If someone wants to join India, more than welcome - if not then no hard feelings but very lil that we can do to support your cause as well.

Is train (Samjhauta & Thar) still running between two countries? Sugar and Cotton must still be coming in from Pak along with Terrorists.

BTW I just realised that Mumbai Team does not have single Pak Player. I support this team even more now. Good work ! And Knight Riders have Most Pak Players :sur: .

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...

Post ID: 134929 06-01-09 12:18:12
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Wow! Maharaj what an observation

Yes really Mumbai team don't have any Pak players while Knight Riders have maximum

Of course everyone knows - who is the owner of Knight Rider ?

I will not name as again few people will take objection

Jai Mumbai, Jai Maharashtra & Jai India !

Post ID: 134939 06-01-09 14:15:59
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The IPL Auction
The auction for this years IPL with the top 10 players alone fetched as much as Rs.60 crores.
Just for entertainment, we being a developing country, should we shell out millions of dollars on foreign players from first world countries like England and Australia. A lot needs to be done for the benefit of our own sportspersons. A team like Chennai Super Kings has bought Flintoff at $1550,000. Last year, Ricky Ponting bought by Kolkatas SRK for a fancy price, failed in the few games he played. But CSK has bought an unknown George Bailey of Tasmania for just $50,000. With such disparities, will not team spirit go for a six? The participation of cinema actresses in the auction brings glory neither to the players nor to the game.


Post ID: 138115 16-02-09 10:40:51
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