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World's Largest Smoking ban in India has strong support

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Rrriight, if the Govt really wanted to prove their substance, they should've banned the cigarettes. This is a classic double standard act and the incapable, controversial, spineless Health Minister is in deep pressure on seeking attention again.

Originally posted by DesiTiger

Originally posted by MGupta

India is attempting to impose the world's largest smoking ban, with a nationwide edict prohibiting smoking in all public places that came into effect yesterday, to commemorate Gandhi's birthday [1,2].

Is this a bloody joke? So let me get this straight - Some people are offended by others smoking so rather than making an effort to create "designated Smoking areas" where people can smoke, they "outlaw smoking alltogehter"

and India calls itself a democracy?? Commemorating Gandhi's birthday indeed :cuss: What a load of crap

btw, Western Countries don't ban smoking, they do exactly this - designate public smoking areas so people with anti smoking sensibilities can avoid them.

This "Our way or the highway ideology" is NOT democracy by any stretch of the imagination! Maybe India should change it's National Anthem to

Shame on India :down:

The cowards never started,
The weak died on the way,
Only the strong arrived.

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