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Hockey Riots in Montreal

for FYI: People read this and tell me your opinion

People call Indian stupid over Cricket craze, then what should we call SO CALLED EDUCATED COUNTRY when they do have same things going on!!!!!

************* TODAYS NEW*************
Rioting after Habs (Montreal canadien) win round one
_news Habs car torched

Montreal police have arrested 16 people and have had 16 of their own vehicles damaged early this morning when N-H-L playoff victory celebrations turned violent.

Arson and looting marred the celebrations after the Montreal Canadiens shut-out win over the Boston Bruins that saw them move one step closer to the Stanley Cup.

As the downtown victory party was winding down, small groups began destroying cars and looting stores.

T-V footage showed one group torching the inside of an abandoned police car while others stood by and watched.

Witnesses say they saw other groups descend on sports and liquor stores.

Police say no one was injured.

Some fans say the looting put a damper on an otherwise great night, adding that they're at a loss to explain why things took such a turn.


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Hardly a riot. A few drunken morons taking advantage of crowds. The fools did it in full view of tv/cellphone cameras. Their faces are flashed all across the papers leading to citizens reporting them and getting them arrested. Hope ALL of them go behind bars soon.

One pf these bright guy's put up a video of himself in action, on youtube.

It only takes a few idiots to give the whole city a bad rap.

Anyway the Canadiens are the only Canadian team in the playoffs. They are playing thier first match against the philly flyers now.


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