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Buying a Canadian property while living in the UAE

amit kalia
Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 434
Location: Mississauga

Originally posted by jonav

Flotch, we are in the same boat as you and thought on the same lines buying a condo before we finally come and settle here. To proceed I spoke to few of our Canadians friends (Non Desis) and all of them recommended not buying before we come. Why to be in a hurry? They all suggested living in 1-2 areas first, knowing the area according to our preferences (schools, day cares, commute) etc. and then making a decision.

Jonav, many desis would have given you the same answer too. Check my various posts, and that's exactly what I have told to many newcomers from time to time.

Please don't listen to real estate agents

Don't suggest something that is WRONG. At least, don't generalise your statement.

Good real estate agents provide valuable insight into buying, selling, investing etc. Good real estate professionals empower their clients with tools to make informed decisions when it come to choosing schools, neighbourhoods, demography and so much more. I have had many clients who first settled down renting for one or more years, then bought based upon their choice of area.

Then there are many clients who exactly knew where they wanted to buy, even the school district. In fact, when I landed here from Dubai; I bought my home on the 5th day of my landing in Canada. I knew about the John Fraser School district, liked the area; some of friends also lived nearby. I have no regrets.

Mostly, it comes down to ones affordability, neighbourhood and choice of homes. Some prefer bigger/newer homes; they don't mind moving outside Mississauga to lesser expensive adjoining suburbs. Others don't care about size of property, they want the best schools/ close proximity to Toronto, lots of desi food, groceries, entertainment, close proximity to workplace etc.

It is hard to find everything that a human desires. Honestly, one has to compromise with the best situation; based on what one needs and what one can get.


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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 07

Posts: 458

Sorry Amit, I didn't mean it, was in a hurry to explain to the OP not to be in a haste in buying.

Thanks for correcting.......Jona

Post ID: 116070 19-02-08 10:36:02
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