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G test at Guelph

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Originally posted by vikrantarora345

When you merge on to Hanlon PKWY, do you do a complete stop before proceeding further at the red light or yield in any way?

Follow the signs posted. If there is a STOP sign, a complete stop is compulsory.


I think there is no yield or stop sign for the right turn.
DO we watch out for the lights or they don't apply to those making right turn.

If there is no sign or light for you, you have to follow your lane. In this case, continue right without stopping.


Do you check the blind spot on the right side before the lights? I know you check the blind spots before you enter the right lane on the speedvale ave and you also check when you merge onto Hanlon. Please reply. Thanks.

There is no pedestrian/bicycle lane on the right, there is no blind spot. If you notice a pedestrian waiting to cross BEFORE you arrive, you have to stop at a safe distance and yield. That said, once in the right lane on Hanlon, turn on your left signal and need to wait for gap to your left (regulate speed instead of stopping), check your LH blind spot before merging into live lanes of Hanlon PKWY.

I hope you have completed the pre-requisite courses/tests before proceeding with this test. The answers are in your previous education.

Good luck.


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