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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

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Location: Kitchener, ON

I guess it is a season of digging out 3-1/2 year old threads.

It is a scam though exact modus operandi is unclear. They could be operating like lottery scam, where they promise you big amount for which you need to send a small amount and they will try to persuade you to pay more money and then finally they will vanish. May be there would be details if you dig

Why would you rent out a basement in Toronto from UK or probably Nigeria dealing with a private person without even seeing it first and agreeing to enter into rental agreement (probably at much more amount than one is asking for)?

Give free food ||

Post ID: 165901 19-06-10 08:24:25
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 2873
Location: Western Hemisphere

Originally posted by rajcanada

Why would you rent out a basement in Toronto from UK or probably Nigeria dealing with a private person without even seeing it first and agreeing to enter into rental agreement (probably at much more amount than one is asking for)?

Greed, lack of common sense....

I suppose I can list few more :D

On a serious note, there are enough problems with tenants from local area, especially if the property is located in a low income neighborhood, why would one be reckless to invite trouble from overseas solicitations, especially, such as these cookie cutter emails?


Last edited by: dimple2001 on 19-06-10 09:18:07
Post ID: 165902 19-06-10 08:58:49
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 09

Posts: 277
Location: My laptop

Originally posted by rajcanada

I guess it is a season of digging out 3-1/2 year old threads.

summer give plenty of time to go thoroughly on site..

why dont we have policy of locking threads after 12 or 18 or any time period if it is not active?

Post ID: 165904 19-06-10 09:45:42
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Member since: Aug 05

Posts: 64

Dear Dinesh,
Good to read from you .I have read your email and i guess i understand more about the basement.
I am really intrested in renting this basement.
I will eat out from the move in date till when the basement kitchen is fixed.
Concerning the informations you requested for.
I am coming over there on a self project and not to work for any compnay there.
I am coming over there on a personal Art works exibition.I want canadian citizen to know more about the Art world.I should be going to colleges,universities ,polytechnics,museum and alot more to our Art product and also latest idea;s in the Art world.
Concerning payment,i have dicuss with a client of mine in Canada who is oweing me some money.I have intruct him to issue a cashier's check in your Name and have it sent to your address as soon as possible.
He's oweing me the Sum of $4,850 and he will send a cashier;s check in your name in same amount.
As soon as you receive the check i will want you to deduct your move in deposit and send some money from the remaing balance to my travel agent to enable me have my ticket fully comfirm.
You will transfer the funds via western union money transfer.
As soon as i have my ticket comfirmed i will send to you my flight details to enable you have an idea of the day and time i will arrive at the Airport.
I will notify you as soon as the check is been sent out to you via Fed Ex.
Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation.
I really do know we re going to be great friends by the time you get to know me more and better.
Have a great day.

So Now that should give more idea of the kind of tricks they play! I dint suspect foul play until I got this..

Dinesh C

Post ID: 167793 16-07-10 19:48:08
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Global Moderator
Member since: Feb 05

Posts: 1920
Location: British Columbia

The fact that someone is looking for a 'masterate degree programmes with the Universities" sounds stupid enough to make one realize it is a scam. Most university students will go through the student aid offices of the university that they have admission to to help them find housing. Also, there are many spelling mistakes.
~ Morning rain

Post ID: 167795 16-07-10 19:53:51
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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 10

Posts: 220
Location: Malton

Ok enough of scams, you people already discussed a lot, now I want assistance. I am looking for accomodation in Malton area near westwood mall. It should be very closeby to westwood mall and TTC Bus stop near gas station.

2 will stay, me and my son (11yrs) so I require small place. Basement -no no, dont want to die of suffocation without sunlight and air. Parking must. Must shift this week bacause my desi landlord is on some desi tricks. He usually make efforts to get new immigrants coming first time and quote very high rent on phone and they not knowing pay a lot more.

send me mail and i will send u my mobile no and be quick before (not so global) moderators think that this is also advertisement or scam and delete it. :cheers:

Free drinks for the one who helps me. :cheers:

Post ID: 169125 08-08-10 13:49:35
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