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MLS Listing.


-Is it true that only those houses which arent easy to sell go on MLS?
-If, No, then Is MLS the only and complete database of homes?
-How to find builders in area you want to buy a 'new' home. Are newspapers, billboards the only answer for finding builders in area?
-Whats the general recommendation: To buy from a builder or through a real estate agent?
-Is it true that builders ask for a higher (more than5%) down payment upfront?




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No it's not true.

MLS is like a shelf in a store. Anybody who wants to sell a home can put the home on the shelf via a realtor otherwise sell it privately.
Now the trick is where on the shelf is your home placed. A skilled realtor will market your home in his own style.

I am sure the Realtors will be send in their contrubutions soon and we'll be discussing this item more on Charcha.

Happy Holidays.

S. kanji
I may not agree with your opinions, but I will fight to death for you be able to air your views.

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To answer your questions:

- The properties that are on the MLS system are all the properties that were listed by agents. The MLS site is meant for public viewing of these properties. It does not mean that these properties are harder to sell. It's a public database of houses available for sale in the market for the public to view, research etc.

- The MLS system is not the complete database of all homes. Some are sold privately, and new homes are not generally posted on MLS.

- We have access to new home building projects in various areas throughout the GTA. An agent can help you negotiate with a builder as well. They are there to help you with the process.

- Each builder has their own terms and conditions regarding the down payment. It varies from builder to builder.

Hope this helps.


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