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Paes - Bhupathi

Paes & Bhupathi ... What a Pair! The best thing to have happened to Indian Tennis. Memory goes back in 90s, where you see All-Fired-up Paes and Calm-Collective Bhupathi. Arguable the Best Pair in their Golden Time. Woodies are All time Great but Indian Pair have crushed this Australians also.

Things started to go Sour. So much so bad that they cannot stand each other's presence. But time and again they have played on same side of court FOR INDIA and have Won after all the differences. After the Victory they will come up with allegations. Asiad Episode is just the Addition to it.

Like so many Indians, I too sometime wonder that if their Story was lil better, if they could have managed to continue playing with each other (without any differences).

Bitter Tragedy. But still they managed to Win.

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...


Senior Desi
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Post ID: 91426 13-12-06 15:51:01
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desi in ottawa
Senior Desi
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This is the clash of egos and lack of maturity. Representing the country is an honour and privilage. Not everyone has the chance. Egos should be kept aside.
Someone from the tnnis federation should have intervened and worked it out.


Post ID: 91449 14-12-06 09:31:21
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