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Are you careless ?

Hello, I have a question based on my experience with a colleague in my office.

Does any one of you think that you have a personality of being careless in general and that reflects at your work place in the work you do ?

Specially people in finance and accounting who deal with numbers have to be v v careful.

How to handle such a problem ? I know the answer is simple that the person needs to be more careful but if its a habit, its hard to change.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome.


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Common Problem
This is a very common problem. This happens with people who are not devoted to their work. They might be having personal problems or people with "if not this job, another job".
A good way to deal with it is to distance yourself from that person or if that canot be done to complain to your manager that , that person's mistakes canot be counted as yours.
I have faced this problem with people to whom i give work to. When i give work to them, they donot listen to my instructions properly and then release the drawing to client and then the client will call to tell about the mistake or in some cases call to demand compensation for wrong work done. In many offices, they do forgive such mistakes or even fire for making repeated mistakes.
In Canada, complaining to the manager is the best way. You donot want to be held for the mistake that , that individual has done and then thrown upon you. Mind it, These kind of people have a good way of passing the blame game or to act as if they are dumb if such mistakes are discovered and pointed out.
Just from my Architectural experience.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

Post ID: 87998 18-10-06 12:37:22
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Originally posted by tamilkuravan

to act as if they are dumb if such mistakes are discovered and pointed out.

Yes I have been through this in my work years that is the easy way out and people here do not care much or give a damn! They have the concept of EI zindabad in their mind.

Post ID: 88015 18-10-06 15:50:31
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