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B.E(Comp. Sc.) + MBA moving to Canada from Australia

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Oh !! WindsorBoy

It comes to me as a surprise. B'coz I was told by "n" no. of immigration consultants that he will surely be able to get PR there *(but I guess they are more concerned about their fee rather than giving good advice).

I applied throught Abhinav Immigration consultants. They told me that once I am in Canada I can get my father their on tourist visa and then apply for PR in Canada. This way even if he is not granted visa, he can atleast stay with us till his visa is processed.

Do you think this is possible ?

Warm regards

Post ID: 87750 15-10-06 00:37:25
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Technically he's not wrong..but lets see how many ifs there are in that logic..
IF you get PR in reasonable time..
IF they don't reject his tourist visa which they might..
IF they don't change current policy of allowing people to apply from inside country.
On the top.. and this I know is true even today.. you might get tourist visa for 10 yrs.. but you get stamp for 6 months max at one time and you are supposed to renew that every six months..
and AFTER all that.. when he goes to medicals.. he's sure to fail so you are going thro' all that trouble to have 5 yrs in country time with him in Canada .. Well it might work but even in that case.. isn't easy thing to do is to get tourist visa for him today before you are a PR so that rejection chances are less ?
You can always say you wanna visit niagara.. get a multiple entry visa valid for 10 yrs.. and since you have Aussie PP you probably don't need visa..
You better check all angles before putting your money and time for this visa.. I am thinking getting him on tourist visa in Oz might be equally easy..
Other option would be to rethink your options and strategy..

Post ID: 87751 15-10-06 02:10:22
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