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Initial Place to stay for new comers .

Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5277
Location: Canada

Initially I had posted this and provided all links in the first post itself (including the ones I criticized also ) to provide the new readers a list of shortlisted available guest houses in Toronto something which I feel is missing elsewhere on this site and was not there when I seeked similar info.

I am hopeful that sans the unwanted posts (the mod may feel free to delete them) this post serves a good purpose to provide new comers details of guest houses available . Hence the request for it being made sticky.


Post ID: 100895 24-05-07 12:45:13
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 1851
Location: GTA, Ontario

Just helping you to write your stuff. ;)

Originally posted by tamilkuravan

Dear CD members,
I have personally known FIDO eversince he came to Canada and have had the pleasure of conversing 3 or 4 times with him/her. I wish to state that i have found FIDO to be a very honest and well rounded person. I would not doubt his/her statements.


The cowards never started,
The weak died on the way,
Only the strong arrived.

Post ID: 100917 24-05-07 19:08:31
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5277
Location: Canada

:) Thanks TK for your comments .

Post ID: 100949 25-05-07 11:56:26
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Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 07

Posts: 20
Location: New looking for

I personally thank Fido/TK as they already explore canada and very helpful to all junior desi's like us. I have gone through all there posts and belive me all are upto point and very helpful. We decide our initial stay in Toronto after gove through posts and reviews.

We are planning to move in july first week from dubai. So far everything in going well. I have l'll doubt about e677 form part A what permament address and tel no. they are asking? still confused.



Post ID: 101282 31-05-07 02:04:16
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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 03

Posts: 2962
Location: Montreal

for those interested, it maybe worthwhile to check

Recommended Services-

Post ID: 101289 31-05-07 08:31:39
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 07

Posts: 5

Toronto Newcomer Accommodation
A new temporary rental facility is run by an Indian and Filipino couple next to the subway: Both professionals, so very reliable.

Post ID: 106476 30-08-07 20:11:05
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 40
Location: Downtown, Toronto

Well Done Fido
After going through all those opinions on this topic... I think FIDO is the 100% right...

In fact, this is very valuable charcha for newcomers to think about and decide about their initial accommodation. Anything would be far better than those guest houses... in my opinion never go for them , they'll rip you off... they are #1 cheats in whole of Canada, feeding on the flesh of novice newcomers from India.

Keep it up FIDO


We are what we think
All that we arises are with our thoughts

Post ID: 112849 23-12-07 13:54:25
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 07

Posts: 47

accomodation from an agency
Anand & all others,

why do you say that accomodation is not good?Do you have bad experince @ it?

Because we are planing to move to Canada,most probably edmonton in June-July 2008.As we have got no relativesout there,we were hoping tostay in the immigration agencies accom.
Please do let us know if it is sooo bad as you out it up,sow e can plan some alternative stay.

Post ID: 113037 29-12-07 11:22:10
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Member since: Apr 05

Posts: 60

Newcomers pls do not go to \
Hi guys

PLS do not go to Patel house @ Markham & Painted post drive (1 Mornington gate...nearest intersection is Lawrence & Markham or Ellesmere & Markham). had some horrible experiences of my 5 years life in Canada recently.
when I stayed there for like 2 months. There are almost 20 guys staying there in a 7 bedroom/2 storeyed detached house at any point of time. The heaters in the room DO NOT work even in most horrible of the winters. The gujju aunty who takes care of the house is one whimsical lady who will pull your legs every now and then if you are a non-gujju as if she only wants gujjus to stay there.( I have nothing against gujjus, point to noted here ). She wants to control everybody, if you speak against her, she won't tolerate at all.

Overall most horrifying experience...for guys who have just landed here, if they expereince something like this, their first impression would be very very bad and they would start thinking all negative sides of their canadian dream.

I would suggest to find like minded guys and share an apartment. Now a days in GTA one would also get NO lease apartments so you don't have to stay there for one year or more.

Cheers & good luck.


"We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".

Post ID: 113040 29-12-07 13:05:07
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 07

Posts: 1

Patel house

I fully agree with kdnyanesh about the problems faced @ Patel house. Even I was staying there for few days upon landing, but immediately decided to find another better place. Now I am also sharing an apt. with fews of my friends.

Even after repeated requests the room heater in the basement was never put on even on that day when GTA experienced 27 cm. of snow on one day. I would never recommend anybody (not even a gujju, I myself being one ) to go and stay there even for few days.



Post ID: 113065 30-12-07 13:51:52
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