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Security lapse at PM's residence

Security lapse at PM's residence

NEW DELHI: In a serious breach of security, three youngsters drove up to one of the inner gates of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's residence here on Thursday night. All three were detained after first being allowed to drive out.

A boy and two girls, one of them behind the wheel, drove a black Hyundai Sonata up to the alighting point at 7, Race Course Road after passing through the security cordon at the main gate.

Surprised Special Protection Group personnel stopped the vehicle (DL4C V 006) at the alighting point from where ministers and visitors are escorted into a ferry vehicle to take them inside.

Questioned by the SPG personnel, one of the girls stepped out of the car and reportedly replied: "We are commoners. We want to meet the Prime Minister."

"Do you have an appointment?" the youngsters, all in their twenties and reportedly in a drunken state were asked. As they didn't have an appointment, SPG personnel turned them away: "Then you cannot see him now."

But a group of surprised journalists, waiting for a briefing on a Union cabinet meeting which was in progress at the PM's residence, saw the youngsters casually blowing kisses on their way out of 7, Race Course Road.

As the car passed them, the journalists intercepted it and questioned the three about their mission. They said they wanted to meet the Prime Minister and drove away after creating a flutter.

It was only when journalists, who are routinely subjected to tough security checks at the PM's residence, raised the issue with the Special Protection Group personnel that the security men realise the seriousness of the situation and alerted the Delhi Police.

The cops then flashed a message across the city to trace the car, following which the three youngsters were detained.


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