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  Canada Immigration Forum > General > Our Native Country! > Six blasts rock Mumbai railway stations
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Six blasts rock Mumbai railway stations

Senior Desi
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Originally posted by ambiguity
You must be knowing about democratic Malaysia and the secular Indonesia too.

Bali bombings? The PAS in Malaysia ring a bell? Google them.
On November 12, 2003, PAS announced its goal of an Islamic state, which would incorporate sharia law, including stoning and amputation as punishment for criminals.

Yes the moderates there seem to be figthing back

Originally posted by ambiguity

Click on the link; take a look at this map to find out about how many countries in Africa and Asia are have muslims as the majority. And then lets think about how many are involved in terrorism. Canít you smell some oil here?

LOL, judging by your argument, I think theres oil in africa too, OR maybe its all the jewish/Zionists there.

Egypt, Algeria, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia...even south africa. Dont kid yourself!

Its the same everywhere and it has to stop. Theres always this 'victim' card being played. Are the Christians bombing places in mumbai and toronto to avenge their 'brothers' in Kosovo, who are now being chased out by fanatics who were amongst those who pleaded with the international community and then rejoiced whiole the predominantly christian US bombed the predominantly christian serbs?

Turkey has survived so far ONLY due to the secular army which is ready to be equally ruthless in preserving its interests. This has also resulted in generations of secular-minded Turks. Nevertheless, islamic fundamentalism is on rise there too.

Note: I am not equating islam with terorrism. However I think the community attitude has a big role to play in why terrorism/fundamentalism is so widespread in it. Its that attitude of but/if/because (which is finding resonance in liberal circles like in your post) which is adding to the problem.

Recommended Services-

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Senior Desi
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Originally posted by ambiguity


Lol. Get your facts right. Your friends from Ahmedabad (must be subscribing to the same idealogy as u) have given you wrong information. I wouldn't waste too much time in trying to inform you about the reality in Gujarat. If you want to discuss politics then let me tell you - this is not the right thread for that. May be some other time some other place.
Anyways why donít you ask Mr. Modi to visit West Bengal and get some lessons from the insane commis. Maybe he can learn how to maintain communal harmony ?

How do you know your facta are right? Your commi idiots are famous for spreading lies. Better check your facts. Government statistics clearly state that almosy equal number of Muslims and Hindu died in riots. Further large number of Hindus died in police firing. You can't accuse Modi for neglecting law and order. As I had stated earlier and at the cost of repition like to emphasize again that had there been a slighetest evidence of complicity of Modi your commie brothers, Congress and NGOs of Medha patkar and Teesta would have flooded courts with petitons. Why have they not done so?

As regards communal harmony in WB, it is maintained at the cost of Hindu lives. Already because of unchecked influx of Bangladesh Muslims, Hindus have lost all their rights and are in no position to raise their voice against their oppression. However, I believe that kind of ghastly and inhuman killing of Hindu that occured at Godhra would provoke Hindus even in WB to go on rampage especially when they know that judicial system in India can never help (based on pst empirical experience) to bring to the justice culprits. Just remember 1992 Bombay blasts. If Hindu were really communal (and that is what you are trying to imply as Modi alone can not instigate violance unless Hindu actively support), Muslims and other minorities would never have survived and grown. Just look at Pakistan where Hindu were 30% at the time of partition and are now just 2% and that is called genocide. However your warped commi mind will justify this fact saying that Islam is a better religion and religion of peace and Hindu converted to Islam to achieve heaven and sleep with 72 virgins. Well, ANY religion that asserts that their religion is THE only way to salvation would, in covert or overt ways suppress people of other religions. You seem to be a typical PSec who has literacy but lacks knowledge and analytical ability to comprehend the facts and very limited knowledge of history. Your sources obviously seem to be limited to Teesta's website and perhaps you have never made an honest effort to gain information from any other source. You have blinkers which has restricted your vision. I am sure you would have been an ideal citizen of Laninist Russia or Maoist China, a human robot whose cicuits are controlled by Commies.

I was impressed by Commie ideology in my college years but I was fortunate or smart enough to acquaint my self with facts and never became Commie. I would have been ashamed of my self had I become one. Well, a large number of WB guys are like Forrest Gump and it seems you are one with a better vocabulary. I still can not reconcile how a person with even slightest compassion can be a commie in this era, especially when their duplicity and crime have been fairly and sqarely exposed in this information age. Commies are and were the worst terrorist and I am not surprised that you have come out with sympathy for your little brother. Psec like you are worst kind of terrorists as contrasted to Islamic terrorist who openly espouse their views. Psec are biggest hypocrates. I remember your announcing on this post somewhere that you are a Bengoli Brahmin Hindu. Why could you not say that you are a Commie idiot and have no religion. If you do not subscribe to Hindu philosophy, have guts to say that. Please do not give this crap in future. A person is not born as Hindu. Only those who subscribe to its philisophy are Hindu. By announcing your self as Hindu, you are cheating prople. In future do not use excuse.Just because you were conceived as Hindu, you automatically do not become become Hindu. You have to earn it or else shut up. A Commie is a thug and hence less than human.In entire history of last 1,000 years Commies were the worst perpetrators of crime against humanity which is a well documented fact . Please follow links posted on this thread by Jake.

Post ID: 81450 17-07-06 00:11:33
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Senior Desi
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Originally posted by Nightmare
You can't accuse Modi for neglecting law and order. As I had stated earlier and at the cost of repition like to emphasize again that had there been a slighetest evidence of complicity of Modi your commie brothers, Congress and NGOs of Medha patkar and Teesta would have flooded courts with petitons. Why have they not done so?

Just last week Ehsan jafri's wife filed a FIR against Modi and some others.Just an update.

"Progress comes from deviation".

On a side note if anybody finds my comments or posts offensive or irritating please ignore it and if that still bothers you; please write to me and I will demonstrate.

Post ID: 81460 17-07-06 09:10:04
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Senior Desi
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For Nightmare
To answer one of your question about 30% Hindus reduced to 2% in Pakistan. Actually the Brahmans killed all the lower caste since they mistakenly touched them. I guess you can not think any other way but genocide, don't you. Migration is only understandable in context of Bangla desh. You have to think out of the box.

Post ID: 127038 29-08-08 11:12:36
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