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Mumbai Metro Railway

Hello all Desi friends
It's a good news for all our Indian People that Metro Railway has been granted for Financial Hub of India(Mumbai) and construction for that will be started from next month, June. Actually Mumbai should have been received Metro Railway before Delhi. Well, It is really nice step from Indian Politicians. I hope Ahmedabad,Chennai & Bangalore will also get Metro Railway in nearest future.
Jai Hind !!!!

Sandeep Shukla


Member since: Aug 04
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Location: Calgary,Alberta

Post ID: 76559 19-05-06 09:56:09
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Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 05

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Location: Mississauga

huh, wot made u think so

Originally posted by loveindia
Actually Mumbai should have been received Metro Railway before Delhi.

Post ID: 76574 19-05-06 11:37:44
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 05

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Location: North York, Toronto

Actually Mumbai should have been received Metro Railway before Delhi.

I agree with that. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and generates way more business then Delhi. ( I am not talking about NCR as a whole here) Sad part is majority of the taxes go from Mumbai and all that is used to develop and beautify Delhi. Pollution was taken more seriously in Delhi. More infrastructure to CNG buses, auto's etc helped reduce pollution drastically in last few years while Mumbai kept choking. Maybe the politicians living in Delhi have a more important life then average mumbaikars who contribute to the country's economy unlike those scum bags who only know how to take.

I hope they do a brilliant job with the metro and have it cover almost all areas including Navi Mumbai.

Post ID: 79504 19-06-06 20:51:29
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