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Children School FAQ - Ontario

Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 10

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Hi all, can I have review on the meadowvale secondary school IBT program? Any info on this program or school would be a great help. Pls do write.

Thanks and Regards

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Full House
Senior Desi
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Originally posted by sango

Hi all, can I have review on the meadowvale secondary school IBT program? Any info on this program or school would be a great help. Pls do write.

Thanks and Regards


Here is a little bit of information. You please drop in or talk with them.

The International, Business and Technology Program (IBTP) commenced in the 2013 - 2014 school year at Meadowvale Secondary School.

This program is designed to extend traditional secondary curriculum with a solid foundation in International Studies, Business and Technology, giving students an opportunity to specialize in these three areas in their senior years of High School.

The layout of this program is highly unique. Students apply to the program and once accepted are immersed in classes that develop skills to help them think critically about real world issues in a format that maximizes each student's potential.

Peel board secondary Regional Learning Choices Programs are open to all students entering grade 9. Students who meet the criteria for acceptance to the programs and who live in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga will be offered spots first. Students who meet the program criteria and who live outside of Peel Region will be offered spots once local student applicants have been accommodated. In some cases, all spots may be offered to students who live in Peel.


Students who are accepted into the program should review the Next Steps for Accepted Students page on the right to review important program details.

The IBTP online application will open on November 15, 2013. Please read Application Directions .

To find out more about this new program please review the documents below: Grade 8 Parent Information Night.

IBTP Frequently Asked Questions. IBTP Boundary Map

IBTP Application Process Information. IBTP Bussing Information.

New information will be posted as it becomes available, please visit this page regularly.

Still have questions about our new program? E-mail us at <>

Contact Meadowvale Secondary School reception desk at 905 824 1790

This is just to help you get to them. Please call and ask away all of your questions and jot down important information.

It sure is a good school.


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Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 13

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Location: Mississauga

Originally posted by sango

Hi all, can I have review on the meadowvale secondary school IBT program? Any info on this program or school would be a great help. Pls do write.

Thanks and Regards

I went to the IBT presentation at Meadowale last year. It's a new program started at Meadowale. What really surprised me is when they told at the presentation that all students who applied last year got selected, maybe not in the first admission list but in subsequent lists. That tells you something about the school. Gordon Graydon is another school that has been offering IBT for a number of years and admission in this program is extremely competitive. Fraser school ratings always show Gordon Graydon in the top 5 whereas Meadowale always comes in the bottom 5. However both schools cover different geographical boundaries for IBT and so you cannot choose one over the other.

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Senior Desi
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Using an existing thread to post my query:

Son is going to Grade 8 this September. I need to guide him and hence the following questions:

1) Are there links that anyone can share which tell about how a high school can be selected, and the related timing and the associated criteria - e.g. how does a child get admission into IB program, e.g. Bayview Richmond Hill
2) What preparation is required to get into the best universities (and when this prep should start). What are the tests,
3) where can students buy prep materials for getting into high schools and universities
4) Counselling help - where can children get guidance on what career will be in demand in the next 10-20 years
5) Any other beneficial links related to information what prep kids should start by "latest" in their life to achieve admissions in specific schools / areas of study

thanks in advance to all pointers.

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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 10

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Location: Canada

Which Mississauga french immersion school has higher probability of admission ?

Post ID: 216634 14-12-14 05:38:29
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

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I chanced upon this thread and thought of adding my query here since this thread is sticky and may benefit other readers also.

a. What's the difference between

IBT (Business & Technology) ,
IB (International baccalaureate ) ,
AP ( Advanced Placement)

b. Which grade do these programs start in ?

c. Do all the school boards (TDSB , Peel , York) offer their variant of the above OR these are offered only in specific Boards ?

d. I think all schools do not offer all programs .. Some offer one , some others the other .. Is this correct ?

e. Admission to a school to a said program ~ Is it based on the neighborhood & proximity OR is there any test for admission through which other neighborhood kids can also join ?


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Junior Desi
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Location: Herndon

I was reviewing Khalsa School Malton- is this a very religious school. we are not sikh, but liked the principles behind this school.

Post ID: 233759 19-01-17 14:28:01
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